Writing Challenge 2024 – The Green Cheat

This is a reminder of the 2024 Writing Challenge – The Green Cheat

Together, we are about to expose the climate change fraud by publishing everything in a book that everyone can read! If you have already submitted your essay, there is no need for you to read on.

The Green Cheat will be a collection of essays, written by authors who understand what is going on behind the smoke screen. This is our action against the climate scam.

Questions which you may use for your essay:
  • Why is the climate change narrative a fraud?
  • Where, when and how did it all begin?
  • Who are the people, institutions, organisations behind it all?
  • What is your personal journey?
  • What are the scientific facts and figures?
  • How does the future look like?
  • How can we topple the false narrative?


Summarise everything you want to share in an essay and send it to us by using the newsletter email address. Please read the conditions before submitting. You can also send your essay in a letter. Write to us an email to receive the postal address or find it in the Freedom Magazine.

If accepted, your essay will be published in a book along with the work of other authors! View previously published books here.

Are you ready to join the Writing Challenge 2024? Continue reading here!

Some advice on writing

What we don’t like:

  • When people forget their name in the text and we have to go hunting for the author’s name which requires quite a bit of detective work.
  • When texts are unedited, illogically structured or have a lot of unnecessary phrases and we have to go to great lengths to repair, edit and add proper structure to the text.
  • Double spaces between words or unnecessary gaps before and after punctuation (no gaps are needed before exclamation marks, full stops, commas and after/before opening/ending quotation marks and brackets!).
  • Texts that are too long or off-topic and use up our time when reading through only to discover that they are unsuitable.
  • When people add fancy stuff to their writing, e.g. a lot of underlining, cursives, bold and CAPITALS. Please use these as scarce as possible. Excessive use makes the text look untidy and unprofessional and requires extra editing.


What we like:

  • Writing that has been carefully edited, has a logical structure and clear sentences that are easy to read and understand.
  • A working title and the author’s name above the text.
  • Clean writing that is well arranged, as if prepared for publishing.
  • Proper sentences (no random notes or thoughts) and continuity throughout the text.
  • Essays that stick to the given topic and don’t exceed or fall below the required length.
  • Texts that are interesting, entertaining, gripping, captivating, touching… simply, a pleasure to read!