21st Century Crimes Against Humanity

By Douglas Brodie

More evidence on the covid “plandemic”

The term “plandemic” is used by Dr Reiner Fuellmich in his evidence on the establishment’s Covid‑19 crimes against humanity. To facilitate the “plandemic”, Boris Johnson (and Nicola Sturgeon) cruelly banned the use of cheap and effective Covid treatment drugs hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin in order to wangle through Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) for their medically-unjustified Covid mass vaccinations. That evil decision led to huge numbers of preventable deaths 

The book The Courage to Face Covid‑19 by Dr Peter McCullough exposes how, exactly like the UK and other plandemic-complicit countries all around the world, the US medical establishment callously suppressed early Covid treatments to let Covid sufferers die rather than let them be treated with safe and effective drugs that would have kept them out of hospital. Dr McCullough bravely defied the authorities to provide life-saving early Covid treatment using officially banned drugs. His humanitarian efforts have led to him being sacked from his job and put under threat of losing his licence 

Despite Dr McCullough and many others having demonstrated safe and successful early Covid treatment on thousands of patients with their carefully formulated drug protocols, the US medical authorities demand that they desist on the spurious pretext that no official randomised controlled trials have been conducted on the use of off label drugs repurposed for treating Covid, despite their having been approved for use on human patients decades previously. 

From Dr McCulloch’s book: “If early treatment protocols had been quickly adopted as the standard of care in the US, McCullough estimated that about 70% of the nation’s COVID‑19 fatalities could have been prevented. Just before Christmas 2021, that came to about 610,000 preventable deaths”. It is despicable that the corrupt establishment denies this and hushes it up. 

Also from the book: “Medicare has determined that if you have a COVID‑19 admission in hospital, you [the hospital]get paid $13,000. If that COVID‑19 patient goes on a ventilator, you get $39,000” [and the patient will probably die]. Why else would they provide such obscene incentives if not to ramp up Covid fear-mongering in pursuit of their evil ulterior motive to get the entire population jabbed and hooked on vaccine passports which will morph into CCP-stylesocial credit digital ids? 

The book gives more evidence of global coordination. In fascist Australia ​“They put as a law that if a doctor attempts to help a patient with COVID-19 with hydroxychloroquine, that doctor will be put in jail for six months”. He notes similar tyranny in fascist Canada and Europe. Yet South African independent GP Dr Shankara Chetty has testified that he has successfully used hydroxychloroquine to treat Covid, has seen 10,000 patients and has not had a single death or put a single patient in hospital. 

The tactics of the medial authorities are so obviously dishonest and malevolent as to show beyond reasonable doubt that they are conducting a criminal “plandemic” against the general public. Ex-Pfizer chief scientist VP cum whistle-blower Dr Mike Yeadon explains in this paper how all the main narrative points put out by the global establishment about SARS‑CoV‑2 are lies. 

Thankfully, the Covid “plandemic” has failed to trigger the WEF “Great Reset” intended to make slaves of us all. Unfortunately the globalists have not given up. WEF puppet Biden is now saying we need to prepare for the next pandemic. WEF puppet Javid has dragged the UK into bed with Moderna to host a facility to develop and mass produce mRNA vaccines which the Covid experience has shown to be negatively effective and unacceptably dangerous. The lunatic, psychopathic G7 political leaders want to churn out new vaccines within 100 days of an alleged pandemic outbreak with even less regard for safety than on Covid.  

More evidence against the dangerous mRNA vaccines

The corrupt global establishment and MSM continue to stonewall on their baseless mantra that the Covid vaccines are “safe and effective” and press ahead with their manic, medically-unjustified vaccinations. To the contrary, the evidence of extremely high levels of Covid vaccine injuries and deaths based on official statistics which are censored by the corrupt MSM and are only reported by the uncensored alternative media indicates that the Covid vaccine programme has been a medical disaster.

For example, this US VAERS graph shows the exceptionally high level of non-Covid deaths from the start of Covid vaccinations (expanded upon by Dr McCulloch). The fifth largest US life insurance company has reported a 176% increase in 2021 payouts for non-Covid deaths among 18 to 64-year-olds relative to pre-vaccine average payouts. A recent US survey indicates 750,000 dead and 5 million too badly injured to work due to the Covid vaccines. A study of international statistics has found that the number of athletes who have died since Covid vaccinations began is 18 times higher than expected. There are hundreds of reports and studies like these on the failings of the Covid mRNA vaccines, for example here, here, here, here and here

In Canada, fully-vaccinated Trudeau has caught Covid for the third time. He is faced with the inconvenient reality that the fully-vaccinated in Canada accounted for 90% of recent Covid‑19 deaths. A figure of 95% prevails in Australia, where official statistics provide definitive proof that the Covid vaccines don’t work and just injure your health. In Germany, a survey of top hospitals reveals that 500,000 Germans have been severely injured by the Covid vaccines. See this striking graphic showing how the propaganda-resistant East Germans are faring much better than the propaganda-gullible West Germans.

Of particular concern are the many reports of vaccine adverse reactions on fertility issues (male and female) and spontaneous abortions and stillbirths, for example here, here, here, here and here. Eugenicist vaccine megalomaniac Bill Gates has a history of using vaccines to inflict infertility on unsuspecting women in developing countries, exposed here.

We are expected to believe that a mysterious scourge of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome is on the loose and that doctors are at a loss to explain it. Government data proves that the Covid vaccines are to blame so these people are just laughing at us. To add insult to injury, the tyrannical establishment is planning to addhealth misinformation” (i.e. anything going against their fake official narrative) to their Orwellian Online Safety Bill with potential jail sentences for transgressions – such as posting this email?

The corrupt US FDA recently ignored admitted Pfizer vaccine trial fraud to authorise emergency use of the Covid vaccines for US children aged 6 months to 4 years old. Pathologist Dr Clare Craig explains the Pfizer criminality and warns parents against these jabs in this short video. (The vaccine take-up for 5 to 11-year-olds in England stands at just 9%).

US lawyer Robert F Kennedy Jnr exposes the obscene reason why Big Pharma are going after children. It’s all about liability indemnity. They know that they cannot market their highly dangerous Covid vaccines without the liability indemnity which they currently have through EUA. If the vaccines ever get official (non-emergency) authorisation Big Pharma would lose immunity protection and could be sued, and Kennedy has enough evidence to sue them into bankruptcy, unless they get it approved for children because all vaccines that are recommended for children automatically get liability protection across the board. 

Kennedy details the unbelievably shocking corruption of Big Pharma and their equally corrupt regulators in his anti-establishment book The Real Anthony Fauci. For further details see this earlier email. 

His book details the criminal skulduggery of the Pfizer Covid vaccine trial in the case vaccine victim Maddie de Garay. She took the vaccine, immediately went into seizure and is now in a wheelchair for life and needs a feeding tube to eat. Pfizer did not report her injury. They said it was just a stomach ache and that is what they fraudulently reported to the FDA regulator. 

More evidence against the climate change scam

Just as on Covid and Ukraine, the globalist establishment and the bought-and-paid-for MSM lie all the time about “climate change” and its supposed solution. The predictions of impending climate Armageddon in the latest UN IPCC AR6 report are based entirely on computer modelling. Just as the fearmongering Covid modelling of Bill Gates-bribed Professor Neil Ferguson was disproved by the failure of his dire predictions to come about, the UN IPCC’s climate modelling has been disproved by the studiously-ignored inconvenient fact that actual global temperatures have flatlined since around 1998. Some climate emergency! 

My 2020 paper Fossil fuel dependency shows Net Zero is impossible uses official energy statistics to show how only a fantasist could believe that Net Zero could actually succeed, especially when undertaken unilaterally as the West is trying to do (and failing miserably) while the fossil fuel hungry developing countries carry on with business as usual. 

The studiously-ignored statistic which proves that Net Zero is impossible for the foreseeable future is that in 2019 the world was 84% dependent on fossil fuels for its energy supply, a reduction of just 4% over the 11 years from 2008. The slightly lower UK figure of 79% flatters to deceive because UK industrial fossil fuel consumption which was off-shored over that period is now counted against the world rather than the UK which now imports these off-shored products “emissions free” instead. 

The recently released 2022 global energy report shows a modest reduction in fossil fuel dependency through 2021 due to the Covid reduction in global economic activity and all forms of transportation, to 82% for the world and 76% for the UK. 

Another studiously-ignored major technical difficulty is that unclean, unreliable, unsustainable, low energy density, expensive, intermittent renewables are approaching peak capacity penetration of the national grid. A simple explanation of the problem is given here

The latest globalist skulduggery is to pretend that climate change is a public health issue to open the way for spurious WHO climate regulation, e.g. lockdowns. WEF puppet Macron has already tried this on in France. 

As Boris Johnson and Nicola Sturgeon plough ahead digging a deeper and deeper Net Zero hole for themselves, the transhumanist Malthusians at the top of the globalist oligarchy are probably smart enough to know that Net Zero is impossible but that just setting out on this lunatic objective, using green activists and politicians as useful idiots, will soon give them the economic devastation and resultant de‑population which is their ultimate objective.

More evidence of the establishment’s Malthusian intentions

In the first of this series I concluded “almost everything our WEF puppet politicians impose on us these days seems deliberately designed to make life more coercive and miserable, to weaken the economy, to impoverish us, to demoralise and divide us …”.

It is now more obvious than ever that this is their deliberate Malthusian plan. Covid has shown that the Germany experience of 1930‑45 was not a unique aberration and that English-speaking Westerners are also capable of great evil. Our treasonous, lying politicians are mere puppets to their WEF/UN/Big Money/Big Tech overlords, serving as enablers to their Malthusian agenda (“the real enemy is humanity itself”) to impoverish us and cull many of our “useless eaters”, this time on a global scale.

The globalist conspirators would have known that their needlessly-prolonged Covid lockdowns and other restrictions would drive the economy off a cliff, cause massive health and societal collateral damage, a huge transfer of wealth from the middle classes and small businesses to Big Money/Big Tech/Big Pharma, a huge disruption to global supply chains and that their reckless “funny money” printing would lead to soaring inflation, interest rates and taxes.

The conspirators then chose to goad Russia into invading Ukraine in a desperate diversion to ramp up public anxietyjust when their Covid “plandemic” was faltering, with public fear of Covid waning and the disastrous side-effects of the vaccines becoming patently obvious. Global establishment propaganda switched from Covid to Ukraine practically overnight.

They would have known that their pointless, irresponsible and ill-fated war in Ukraine, exacerbated by backfiring sanctions against Russia, would gravely worsen an already dire situation, leading to massive energy and food shortages and likely rationing.

Their lunatic climate change policies set energy prices soaring and caused a host of energy companies to go bust long before the start of their disastrous Ukraine war. The following are just a few examples of their climate machinations. 

WEF puppet Biden’s 2019 videoI guarantee you we’re going to end fossil fuel” presaged the lunacy to come. In his drive to wreck the US economy he has run down US fossil fuel energy production to cause huge energy price inflation. He has dangerously reduced US refining capacity and mandated high-ethanol E15 fuel to increase both fuel and food prices. He is now incoherently begging the vilified oil majors which he wants to shut down to step up production!  

Sky-high energy prices will trickle down to devastate all parts of the economy. The price of diesel is now so high that many truckers may go out of business and farmers may not be able to bring in the crops. This is being exacerbated by a shortage of Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF), essential for modern large diesel vehicles. Who knew? And who knew that Russia is (was?) a major supplier of the DEF raw material? 

limit their supply of fertiliserfertiliser plantrewild their landleave the industry if not  

Finally, to step into the realms of real conspiracy theory, there has been a mysterious spate of dozens of fires in food processing plants, mainly in the US, see here, here and here

The mounting chaos all around us is clearly all about the undemocratic WEF Great Reset which no electorate has ever voted for. It takes a special kind of evil to destroy your own country but our traitorous politicians are giving it their best shot. They seemingly want to wreck the country so that, in the words of the WEF mantra, they can then “Build Back Better”, except that it won’t be better at all. By 2030 according to the WEF, we proles “will own nothing but be happy”. Pull the other one, it’s got bells on. 

Sadly, many of the general public still don’t realise that they are being totally used and abused by the traitorous political class and MSM. Many have been so taken in by the Covid propaganda and censorship as to believe the psy‑ops false narratives that our politicians have done a great job in managing Coronavirus, that the vaccine roll-out was a great success story and that the vaccines are “safe and effective”. Many also believe the climate propaganda that “climatechange” is an existential threat which can be easily fixed by Net Zero and the Ukraine propaganda that corrupt WEF puppet Zelensky is a plucky hero.

The wide-awake author of this perceptive article concludes “I see our future as one of only two credible possibilities: freedom for us and jail for them, or slavery for us and even bigger yachts, private jets and sizzling steaks for them. It isup to us in other words. The very first thing the average person needs to do is wake up. Before it is too late”.

Neil Oliver also fully understands that the last two years have not been about taking care of people’s health but rather about the ruthless imposition of authoritarian control over the entire global populace. In his latest GB News monologue he endorses almost everything I have written above. If he didn’t have Big Brother Ofcom watching over him I suspect he would endorse every word, and more. He concludes “what happens next is up to every one of us”.

WEF puppet politicianswaging subliminal warThe country is going to the dogs (a BAFTA-worthy 5‑minute monologue from Mark Steyn) and our politicians have genocidal blood on their hands. There is no point in hoping for Boris Johnson or Kier Starmer or Ed Davey to turn things around. The first loyalty of these despicable, lying traitors is to the unelected, invisible globalist oligarchy which wants to enslave us, impoverish us and cull us. 

Wake Up, Bob Moran