24 April: March For Freedom

Upcoming protest march:

  • 24 April, 1pm: March For Freedom, No New Normal, No Medical Tyranny – Central London

Please join us in the fight against the covid fraud. We have to do this; the more people take part, the better. Every single person counts. Together we are able to stop the greatest global dictatorship ever, and prevent the so-called great reset, which will change the world into a communist global state, ruled by an unchosen establishment.

We say NO to enslavement and to the lies governments around the world have been spreading for over a year.

Here are some suggestions for peaceful resistance:

  • Don’t wear the mask! You have important reasons not to do so. Read about the dangers of mask wearing here: https://thewhiterose.uk/?s=mask
  • Visit whoever you want, especially those who are lonely and vulnerable and who need you!
  • Distribute flyers in your local town – alone or in groups. Download the White Rose UK leaflet here: https://thewhiterose.uk/downloads/
  • Meet in parks and do your exercise together, inspire others with busking, or group together on the grass and just enjoy your time together.
  • Do not be shy to live the truth!
  • We should do this in the hundred-thousands. If many people peacefully resist throughout the country, they won’t be able to do anything against it and freedom will succeed.
  • Open your business and defend your rights! Read all about the Great Reopening of businesses here: https://the-great-reopening.com/
  • You don’t have to take the vaccine – and you’ll be better off without! Read about the dangers of the vaccine here: https://thewhiterose.uk/category/vaccination/
  • If this isn’t the time to resist the dictatorship which has kept us captive for a year – when will it be?!

Any more ideas? Let us know: contact us


Watch: Protests worldwide (21 March 2021)