2,400 Athletes – Three Years of Collapsing (2021-2024)

A three year documentation of 2,400 athletes (average age of 26) – collapsing, dying, heart problems, blood clots, sudden onset illnesses, cancers, mystery illnesses and more – all at an extraordinarily higher rate than prior to those injections which have heart inflammation and blood clot warnings on the label. (The Prisoner/Brighteon)

‘The Lies and Cover-Ups Are Non Stop and No One Is Reporting Our Story’ – Scottish COVID Inquiry:

‘I can still hear the screaming to this day… He went in with dehydration and they told me he was going to die in the next two hours.’

Pamela Thomas has just given evidence to the Scottish Covid Inquiry, and speaks to Neil Oliver about her testimony and experiences. (GBNews/YT)

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