30,000 Italian Restaurants Defy Lockdown Rules

Resistance in Italy – businesses defying lockdown rules: Business owners open their restaurants, pubs and gyms at the same time after inviting people to come to their favourite place. Mainstream media are ignoring this successful protest.

Please watch and spread the news!

Video from Hugo Talks:

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2 thoughts on “30,000 Italian Restaurants Defy Lockdown Rules

  1. UK shops, pubs, bars and restaurants opening on 30.1.2021
    In a mass civil disobedience campaign Italian restaurant owners who are sick of lockdown and fear for their businesses have opened in mass protest at lockdown rules. Lets do that here too. this is the only way you will be able to keep your business going. the government lockdowns will continue for as long as we allow them to.
    stand Up for your rights!

  2. Unfortunately people don’t have a backbone in the U.K.

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