400 Million Injections Ordered In Advance

By Roy R M McIntosh

Yes, 400 million—that is the number of trial injections that the UK has ordered!

In the last month a few things have surfaced. In my eyes they have not been released but leaked, and that raises many questions that all seem to avoid answering.

One of the things leaked is a video of a meeting held in October 2019 at the Milken Institute, where ever and what that is. Fauci and his amigos more or less describe what is going to happen in the future. And boy, did it happen! This raises a lot of questions…

Not that long ago, another leak, in my eyes, was a release in a paper in Scotland that so many residents in a care home in Scotland had been given saline injections—a placebo! Now, why would that be done? To deliberately keep the chances of adverse reaction and death lower. The politicians and NHS cannot have too many maims and killings as this would not look good! This raises the question: Are placebos being used, and to what level? Regarding the incident, the SNP admitted they knew of the ‘mistake’ !

Now, we know of all the cheating that has been going on with politicians, royals, celebs etc. and I am sure some of those were leaked and more shall surface in time, but the big leak is the Xmas party! As the public have had holidays, access to loved ones restricted and then last year Xmas pretty well destroyed with no parties and people encouraged at time to ‘shop next door’—what was going on? The politicians and some media were having a party! I have read also somewhere that some education chumps also had a knees-up!

When you read all the cheating and shenanigans, you realise that the public have had the urine extracted. (That is a posh way of saying—taking the p…) Yet, they shall still line up for the booster, booster, booster

After all of that, it brings us onto the 400 million trial injections that the UK have ordered and that started ordering way back in the beginning! Now, I read a report a while back that the jabs were for those 18 and over. The goal posts have been shifted on that! But if it were for 18 and overs, the maths experts can work out how many jabs were planned from the start!

A big question in this is, who in a good state of mind would order 400 million trial jabs that had not even been developed and never mind fully tested. Some people reckon that the ‘wizard covid’ had or has not been really isolated. So what information did they base the poison on?

It is killing and maiming, and we do not know the truth regarding to what extent! There are a couple of organisations collecting data and stories. It makes one start to think that the jabs could have been in production or on the planning table at the least from the time that Fauci spoke or maybe even before. Costs and profit should be asked. How much does each jab cost, and then what are they sold for? Who makes the profit from the public purse?
Once again, one has to ask what is all behind it—pharma, bankers, NWO, Satan Gates Cult?

One day the shenanigans may all unravel!

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