50,000 ‘Cases’ Apparently

Mike Robinson, Alex Thomson and Patrick Henningsen with Friday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:39 – 50,000 “Cases” Apparently

06:34 – The US Uses Deaths of Unvaccinated People To Advance “Misinformation” Agenda

14:16 – Get Your Vaccine Protect Your Loved Ones

20:20 – NHS Fails Young Girl

22:18 – Amess Alleged Killer Was Supposedly radicalised By YouTube

34:03 – Lack of International Interest in Cop26

37:50 – Allegations That Pompeo Targeted Assange For Assasination

41:07 – Fake Facebook Whistleblower? 

47:09 – Keir Starmer Calls For Tough Sanctions on Telegram

54:00 – Wobbly Bobbly Support for UKC 

54:13 – Party Whipped Democracy Fails Miserably

01:02:36 – Social Credit Advances In the UK As The World Moves Towards CBDC

01:08:00 – Putin Dares To Acknowledge Biology at Valdai

01:10:30 – Is The Water Just Too Warm For UK Destroyers

01:12:54 – UK Desires A Presence In The South China Sea

01:18:50 AUKUS Naval Problems

01:24:34 – G Kennedy

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