80% of Voters Did NOT Vote for Commie Party Labour

By Dr Vernon Coleman

Labour Won the UK Election with 20% of the Possible Vote

Statistically speaking, Labour is surely already the least popular government in British history. Starmer and Company received just 20% of the nation’s votes. That means that 80% of the population did NOT vote for them.

As a result of this absurd election, while the rest of the world lurches to the right, the UK has lurched to the far left and, having had a statist quasi communist government for much of the last 14 years, we now have a real bright red commie government. The commies aren’t under the bed. They’re now in it.

I suspect that two things are certain.

Labour won’t win the next election.

And within twelve months Labour will be the most unpopular government in history.

But surely, I hear you say, Labour has won a resounding victory.

Oh no they haven’t.

Look at the facts:

There was a 60% voter turnout. One of the lowest turnouts in history.

Labour got 33.7% of the vote.

They won 9,698,409 votes and 412 seats in Parliament.

That means that each seat cost them 23,539 votes.

Conservatives got 23.7% of the votes.

They won 6,824,809 votes and 121 seats.

That means that each seat cost them 56,403 votes.

Reform got 14.3% of the votes.

They won 4,114,287 votes and 5 seats.

That means that each seat cost them 822,857 votes. Liberal Democrats got 12.2% of the votes

They won 3,501,040 votes and 71 seats.

That means that each seat cost them 49,310 votes.

Greens got 6.8% of the vote.

They won 1,941,227 votes and got 4 seats.

That means that each seat cost them 485,306 votes

SNP got 2.4% of the vote.

They won 708,759 votes and got 9 seats.

That means that each seat cost them 78,751 votes.

Plaid Cyrmu got 0.7 % of the vote.

They won 194,811 votes and got 4 seats.

That means that each seat cost them 48,702 votes.

And that’s what they call democracy.

Starmer received far fewer votes than Corbyn received in 2019 – and Corbyn was considered less than successful.

As a result of this utterly absurd election result, we can all expect our oil, gas and electricity supplies to become rather expensive in 2025. David Lammy (see my recent article about him) has been appointed Foreign Secretary. The Labour Party is almost certainly going to make sure that the oil and gas in the North Sea stays where it is. And the supplies from Russia have been cut off. That leaves the UK with having to import supplies of oil and gas from the USA. (Unless the Labour Party brings the stuff over in yachts it will be brought over in diesel powered tankers). Lammy famously described President Donald Trump as a sociopath and as `a racist KKK and Nazi sympathiser’. If Trump becomes President of the USA it does not seem likely that these comments will help secure lasting trade agreements between America and the UK.

So why on earth did Sunak call an election when the Conservatives were clearly unprepared?

How about this for an explanation.

Maybe Sunak was TOLD to call an election because he was stumbling about and not doing enough to take us into the Great Reset without delay. Maybe the plan was to allow Starmer to form a Labour Government because it was known that he would take us into Net Zero and the Great Reset without any delay.

If you want to know what’s going on please read my book `Their Terrifying Plan’. It is available through the bookshop on www.vernoncoleman.com

Starmer Confirms Globalist Open Border Cabinet (Mahyar Tousi/YT):