A for Antivaxxer

The term “anti-vaxxer” has been around for almost as long as vaccines and is typically used in a derogatory sense. How many times in the last three years have we seen otherwise well-meaning people get on the defensive and exclaim, “I’m not an anti-vaxxer”?

Many of the older guard anti-vaxxers used historical data to conclusively demonstrate that vaccines cannot possibly be the cause of the vast decrease in sickness and death from many diseases. Now there is a new wave of anti-vaxxers in the tradition of Dr Stefan Lanka who continue to refute not only virus existence but also the wider concept of pathogens. This “upstream” line of reasoning brings down the entire notion of vaccination permanently.

Vaccines are being exposed on multiple fronts as more people wake up to one of the biggest swindles in history. Is it now time to embrace the “anti-vax” label?


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(Dr Sam Bailey/Odysee)

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