A Group of Unelected Billionaires Are Planning a Future Where You Will Have Very Little Freedom

People think the world changes all by itself, but nothing could be further from the truth

By Darren Smith

When the world’s most powerful people meet to discuss how to shape the future, you can be sure it is not for our benefit. Digital IDs, a ‘recalibration of human rights’, and the control of information were all discussed at May’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos, while in June, the Bilderberg Group covered ‘geopolitical realignments’ and the ‘disruption of the global financial system’ among other topics, in Washington, D.C.

The infrastructure of the ‘internet of everything’ being built right now is testament to the plans of the world’s richest and most powerful families. While it might be sold as a smart future, if our lives are entirely online, then we will have very little control over them: a total surveillance world where your life is digitised, and everything you do will be tracked, and scored. This score will decide where you can go, what you can buy, your career, how much energy you consume and many other limitations on your life. Importantly, there is no good reason for any of this, but through control of the world’s media and academia for generations and an advanced working knowledge of psychology, they have people believing there is.

We are paying four times as much for our energy as twenty years ago, because of the green agenda driving government policies, at the very base of which is the weather, which has always changed, and always will. Governments are passing laws to restrict freedom of speech and to drain your bank account, and are  giving up national sovereignty in order to ‘fight global problems’, such as the WHO’s pandemic preparedness treaty.

If you were trying to build a world where a few self-appointed ultra-rich psychopaths  make all the decisions for the entire world, and everyone has to obey, you could do little better than what they are doing right now, with the full co-operation of elected MPs, councillors, and a system that people have been taught to put their trust in to protect their natural rights and freedoms.

Although many in Britain have now realised that covid was vastly overblown, most do not realise what the real agenda is, and how they advanced it in many ways by deceiving the world into believing in a highly contagious, deadly disease (which could get you from four feet away, but not from six, etc.). Small businesses were crushed, and through the largesse of government bribes, we are all beginning to count the cost of rampant inflation. The giant corporations and Wall Street thrived, as Amazon, Tesco and McDonalds could stay open as ‘essential businesses’, but local, independent shops and businesses were shut.

Moving people online, and away from working and socialising with others in person, plus making travel more expensive and cumbersome, also helps their plan to move all human interaction on to the internet, where it can be monitored and controlled.  Asking people to show passes, scan QR codes and isolate when told to, all got people used to being monitored and taking orders. Many schools already have fingerprints and other biosensory technology installed, preparing the next generation for an entirely digital world where they will never know freedom and the thrill of spontaneous choice.

With near-total control over the flow of information, by owning all broadcast media channels and the dependent press, and calling anything that asks questions or proves them wrong, ‘misinformation’, and then banning it from social media, most people have no idea what is really going on – by design. Crises are always somehow mis-blamed, so the real culprits of people’s misery are rarely seen.

The fact that this is happening in lockstep across the world should also be a major clue that changes to society are decided on by people far above those we elect to represent us; but many still believe this must be because all governments have suddenly decided, on their own, at exactly the same time, to enact the same policies, because they must all be so wise. This is advanced psychological manipulation.

They are counting on people’s naivete – that either no one could be that evil and want that much power, or a hero will stop it; like all of those movie scripts we have seen played out a thousand times on screens large and small. At the same time that they are building the internet prison, they are reducing our ability to live outside of their control, off the internet, off-grid and independently, as animals are culled for made-up reasons and laws are brought in to stop you.

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