A Guide How to Access and Read Official Government Data

Here is a document guiding the reader through only official data and documents from the UK Government, NHS, MHRA, FDA, CDC etc. which unequivocally show:

– There was no pandemic and that mortality rates were normal in 2020
– Very few people are at risk from covid
– The risk of covid to healthy individuals is negligible
– Children especially are not at risk from covid
– Influenza and pneumonia kill and have killed more people than covid
– Most age-groups are more at risk of death from road accidents than covid
– Most age-groups are more at risk from suicide than covid, above all children and young people
– The vaccines are officially stated to be experimental; the NHS website statement about them is misleading
– The vaccines have little effect against covid
– The covid vaccines are the most unsafe ever created, very unsafe in the short term, have no long-term safety data and have the potential to pose further risk in the long term
– The vaccines have a very high serious accident rate
– The only people who statistically may be more at risk of dying from covid than from the vaccine are above the average life expectancy
– The authorities’ imposition of measures in this situation are not dependent on vaccine uptake

Links to the data sources are provided throughout.

Included in the document is a table using the official data of the above to break down and show relative risks from covid, influenza and pneumonia, road accidents, suicide and the vaccines, by age group and by groups of healthy or vulnerable people, so that people can look up what their individual level of risk is and from what.

The document was written to help people who are dissuaded by other research unfairly being dismissed as being unreliable or “conspiracy theories” to see that the actual data coming from the authorities and their own publications are telling them the above, and very clearly so. I hope you find it useful.

A Guide How to Access and Read Official Government Data