A Journey Into the Present

By John Fisher

I am a fortunate person. No-one would have agreed two years ago that four struggling businesses, savings almost depleted and no job on any horizon was advantageous.

There is so much stacked up against people like me now. There has been since about 2005. People like me used to employ other people. Remember?

My industry got massively regulated and while we still barely function, it is virtually impossible for new-starters to get going. Most new oppositions don’t last six months. We have allowed regulation, bureaucracy, ridiculous health and safety measures as well as incompetence, PC/equality, blame-culture, over-insurance and just about everything possible to cramp out any of the old reliable innovation that so many other services, suppliers, skilled people and governments used to rely on. That was before they realised they can just borrow at will to bridge the massive gaps they make, not us.

We added Brexit (for UK readers) on the back of a global financial crisis in 2008 which was backed onto an already recessive economy and nothing has really ever gone right these last 15 years.
Did I mention a very badly managed pandemic that has been very cleverly strung-out? So that it keeps building at appropriate times to slot-in ‘new measures’? Some of those include killing off all manner of small and medium businesses as well as the many jobs that go with it. Now we’re planning to stuff up our health system by laying off last year’s heroes who I personally clapped for every Thursday.

Most of my closest friends sit at home right now, some have for over three years, some for only two, some in this last year. They used to have normal skilled jobs that relied on people similar to me. Other friends are suffering in their businesses just like me.

I have three of my businesses in two other countries, these countries are stuffing up just as badly in their tailored ways. The end result is all the same. They all seem to follow the same course and it’s not one that cares for its people and saves their jobs.

And what’s with this crazy ‘vaccine’ that isn’t working but is so absolutely vital? It was absurd to me when I first heard you have to have two jabs of the same vaccine to have protection against one ‘virus’, that just seems to be widely accepted. Only now you need a third?!?! And we all know it ain’t stopping there. You may as well believe they are working on the next pandemic and vaccine because you know it’s coming.

But I said I was fortunate. Fortunate in the way that I am a digger, I have the time and have been digging through masses of information over the last 18 months. I can see that this has all been part of some sicko masterplan, carried out by our pawn-like governments. We all know now that they have themselves been coerced by what I think can be best described as a ‘secret government’.

On a side, I hope these leaders and advisors we pay for know what they are doing as with my acquired business sense I wouldn’t willingly get into bed with such ruthless people, those who designed this ‘scamdemic’. Maybe willingly is the key, our leaders could be dealing with very real death threats to them and even their family members. Anyway, I wouldn’t sleep very well if I was pushing any of this mess in any way. Plus I think we, including them, have all been blind-sided for a great many years on a catastrophic scale. If there is any normality at the end of this we will have to re-write most of our history books and possibly geography books too. This is more than likely (and it sounds crazy as I write it) a deeply spiritual/energy/godly/dimensional type battle on a level we are completely numb to as we’ve largely lost these senses/beliefs. Think of your favourite wildest movies and believe what you want.

All you really need in life is happiness, food, love and some comforts. These things don’t cost much and with some planning and effort you could even switch off your electric, water, data etc. I know many people who have done this with huge success already in two countries. And this is why I write. I believe we can all stop looking for hope and instead focus on getting our most important and vital things in line. A little sit-down with the wife and kids and parents, take stock and set out your plan to remove from whatever equation you foresee those things you don’t need and insert those you do.

It’s a time to love your family, friends, yourself and life. Get it in line and get busy planning for the worst, so you can make your life the best you can in any given event. Our governments are busy demonstrating how bloody useless they are, so you can take comfort in knowing it’ll all be down to you.

These are not tools we all have, and we are going into winter. Say no more.

I have started on my end, and we are getting there. Dug up a sizeable patch of garden, garlic goes in just before the full moon and all that. Failing being able to live at home we have thermals, air rifle and hiking gear ready to go. We have packed a few energy bars and maps in there and are due to go on a foraging course, the air rifle can bag us some pigeons. Else it’s our own ‘lockdown’ as we do not participate in the new and false normal.

There is an end to all this. It ends when you accept your responsibility to yourself and your closest and start making some headway in solving your future problems, just like your gran and grandad had to. Remember this all started when we started trusting the wrong people. We’ll deal with them later.