A Letter From a Concerned Citizen to Her MP

A reader writesI sent this to our MP in the somewhat naive hope that she might respond. Feel free to put my letter on your website. I am alone here, as far as I can tell, in my resistance. Many grumble but there is no sign of any widespread public disquiet as yet.


Please study the linked report from Lithuania (see below). It seems to me that we are in danger of replicating similarly alarming excesses here (in the UK), now that vaccine passes have been approved for certain sectors from today, despite widespread opposition.

Where will this control creep, imposed as a need to protect public health, end?

Many questions and concerns about the deployment of vaccines have yet to be addressed, not least the mounting pressure – both political and social- on those who so far have resisted the nudging and the messaging.

It now seems, following publication and analysis of vaccine uptake, subsequent infection and rising reports of significantly adverse side effects – especially amongst the young – from Israel, that much of the prevailing narrative is open to challenge.

Vaccination should be voluntary, as the basic premise of fully informed consent should not be overridden. Informed dissent should not be vilified, denounced, dismissed and repudiated.

Your experience as a successful consultant surgeon must surely lead you to have some professional misgivings about where all this is leading.

It seems to me that we are in great danger of abandoning hitherto fundamental freedoms, and that our opportunities for open discussion, rational debate and informed dissent are threatened as never before.

Finally, if you have the time, I invite you to read this book: ‘All The Frequent Troubles Of Our Days’ by Rebecca Donner.

The author is the great-great niece of Mildred Harnack, the American woman executed by the Nazis,  along with her husband Arvid and many other brave souls.

I recommend it particularly as some early chapters relate the sudden transition from the admittedly indebted and unstable Weimar Republic to Hitler’s version of renewal and conformity.

There is a message for our times.

The report from Lithuania: https://txti.es/covid-pass/images