A Letter To My MP – Film About Covid Vax Injured

The scale of this nightmare is now such that the number of damage cases exceeds all cases arising from previous programmes.

Sir Christopher Chope, MP


The UK Government is not investigating 450 thousand Yellow Card Reports and many MP’s continue to ignore injured constituents.

James F. Wells, Documentary Maker and Truth Teller


‘UK CV Family: A Letter to my MP’ is a film that tells the stories of those who have been injured. The aim is to raise awareness, as currently they are being ignored. (James Freeman/YT):

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UK CV Family: A Letter To My MP

James F. Wells’ documentary is now available for viewing. The film brings home the life altering impact that many of our UK CV Family members have experienced themselves, and possibly continue to endure. The documentary will help to raise awareness for not only our UK CV Family, but all those that have been negatively affected by the Covid-19 Vaccines.

UK CV Family website: https://www.ukcvfamily.org/