A Letter to the Infamous BBC

This letter to the BBC was written by a reader, as suggested in our list of suggestions. Perhaps it will encourage you to copy or write a letter of your own…?

BBC Information
P O Box 1922

To whom it may concern

I am increasingly dismayed at the media representation of the whole coronavirus debacle. I am particularly disappointed with the BBC for their continued unbalanced reporting and distorted portrayals of the so called ‘pandemic’ and their refusal to air any organised and intelligent debate that may challenge the mainstream narrative and the surrounding issues.
The constant covid pantomime paraded into our homes over the last year or so is absolutely unacceptable. I have now stopped listening to any of the BBC news programmes and know of many others who are inclined to do the same. Many question the value of continuing to pay for the expensive TV Licence.

The fearmongering style and the unnecessary dramatisation of the ‘covid’ news bulletins are irresponsible and such an approach is quite frankly unforgivable. Gosh, anyone would think that the media were trying to scare and brainwash the public. The ramifications of this could be huge as it is all coming out that big organisations are ‘in it together.’ For example, the BBC’s strong links to commercial subsidiaries – the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation who in turn are heavily connected to the rolling out of the unlicensed, nano- vaccine. Is there not a whiff of conflict of interests?

So, the jolly promotion of an unlicensed, experimental jab that is financially beneficial to big pharma and the new world agenda chimes with crimes against humanity. These so called ‘vaccines’ are causing great harms to many citizens around the world, but the BBC fails to report any of this to the licence fee-paying public. Is this morally acceptable? The BBC, and I will include the BBC radio programmes too; seem happy to assert a one-sided narrative that promotes the skewed covid statistics. Your programmes seem also to heartily support all government mantra without exception including justifying the draconian restrictions of citizen’s basic human rights: For example, the government via your airtime are instructing the population en masse to wear unhealthy masks, to get tested (even when healthy), comply with a variety of lockdowns (even if you are healthy) and more recently to get jabbed, again, even if you are healthy. So, to clarify, we pay for our television sets, our licence, smartphones and PCs and the government via your service get to ‘cherry-pick’ what counts as news and to bollock everyone through these expensive mediums that we are paying for. Hmm. Anyone with half a brain would think that the object was to globally create mental illness, cause stress and generate confusion not to mention the irrevocable damage that has been done to general trade and commerce through the frenzy you report as the ‘pandemic.’

Unlike the olden days, folk get around more now and at least through social media, university education and the internet; they can do a wee bit of their own research. It is naive of the government and mainstream media to assume that all their viewers/listeners are from ‘ye olde village off the beaten track’ with no meaningful contact with the outside world apart from their TV sets and crappy, biased newspapers. Clearly, the mainstream media tells lies and we, the public have noticed. We notice because we live with the reality of what is going on not what you are reporting. We do not see our neighbours dropping like flies as in the days of the Black Death in the fourteenth century– a genuine pandemic, we do not see our hospitals overflowing with covid cases, we do not see our GPs full stop.

If drastic change is not forth-coming, you will surely lose more and more revenue through your poor, corporate behaviour. For the time being, you have lost the respect and trust of Joe Public.

I strongly suggest that you wake up or wrap up!

Yours faithfully (long time payer of TV lic)

Joe Fisher (name changed by TWR)