A Message to the Jabbed

By Vernon Coleman

It is March 2023 and this is video 324. Congratulations if you’ve watched all of them though there are no prizes I’m afraid. Maybe we’ll have badges if I ever get to 500.

The bad news, I’m afraid, is that anyone who allowed themselves to be jabbed with the fake, pseudo vaccine which was fraudulently promoted to prevent people catching or spreading covid-19 – the rebranded flu – then I’m afraid the evidence strongly suggests that they’re more vulnerable than those who aren’t jabbed. In many respects we must now regard the vaxxed as members of a different species. We have no idea what the long-term consequences will be but it is absurd not to think that there will be long-term consequences. Official figures show the triple jabbed made up 92% of covid deaths. And the mortality rate in 2022 was lowest among those who rejected the lethal jabs.

Their circulatory system, including their heart may be adversely affected. They may be more likely to develop infections. They may be more likely to develop cancer or, if they’ve had it, to develop metastases, and their brain may be affected.

You may not have known all that because the truth has been suppressed by the medical establishment, which was bought, lock stock and syringe by the pharmaceutical industry, and by the mainstream media, which was bought by your government. When advertising dried up during the lockdowns, governments spent huge amounts of taxpayers’ money placing propaganda ads in the media and kept newspapers and TV stations alive.

Later in this video I’ll give some simple, practical advice for those who were tricked into accepting one or more covid-19 jabs.

Now that the truth is out that the covid-19 jab doesn’t stop transmission of the rebranded flu but can cause a wide range of serious and deadly health problems, the jabbed are justifiably angry. They are angry that they were tricked and threatened into accepting a dangerous and experimental jab with unknown long-term consequences and they are angry that their health has been compromised. They were repeatedly told by health experts in the mainstream media that the jab was safe and effective. But then when countless millions had rolled up their sleeves they were told, whoops, fooled you, the jab doesn’t actually really stop you getting covid-19 or spreading it if you do get it.

More and more people are beginning to realise that they were lied to. Many are directing their anger at the medical profession for failing to provide a proper warning. I agree with them that more doctors should have found the courage to speak out but although there were a number of us offering warnings we were suppressed and banned by the mainstream media. I spoke out about the dangers of the jab long before the jabbing began but the mainstream media banned me and scoffed at me. Wikipedia and Google spread lies. They did it so that no one would listen. I went from a best-selling author with books published in 26 languages and a TV presenter and national newspaper columnist to being a blogger, self-publisher and discredited conspiracy theorist. References to my novels were even removed from internet pages – out of spite I assume – and lies appeared everywhere.

The people the jabbed SHOULD blame fall into two groups: the doctors who gave the jab without doing a little research and without telling their patients the truth, and the mainstream media who suppressed the truth and published lies: in particular the four most evil propaganda units of modern times Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and the BBC. The staff of these wretched, discredited organisations are all mass murderers for their part in suppressing the truth and demonising the truth-tellers. I had one of the fastest growing young YouTube channels, never monetised incidentally, when after just months I was banned from putting up videos which told the truth about the covid-19 fraud. Eventually, even though I wasn’t putting up videos they didn’t like, they took down the channel anyway and banned me from ever having a new channel or from looking at anyone else’s channel. They did this simply to stop people hearing the truth.

In the summer of 2020, I published endless videos and articles (on Brand New Tube and my websites) warning that according to the Federal Drug Administration in the US, a long list of short-term side effects were linked to the covid-19 jab. Because the jab was experimental no one knew what the medium or long-term effects might be.

I repeatedly warned that according to the FDA, the covid-19 jab could cause stroke, heart attack, myocarditis, auto-immune disease, pregnancy problems, allergy problems, clots, convulsions and deaths. All this information was available before doctors started injecting people.

The mainstream media didn’t just ignore these side effects and deny that they existed – they also suppressed anyone trying to tell the truth. Lie after lie was told on TV and in the rest of the mainstream press.

None of this was much of a surprise because the authorities were desperate to hide the truth. For years, the mainstream media had been demonising those who opposed vaccination. The BBC announced that it would not allow anyone questioning vaccination onto any of their programmes. ‘Right or wrong, they said. They boasted that they would not allow the truth on the BBC.

Five years or more before the roll out, they started putting defibrillators up in town centres to make sudden heart attacks appear normal.

Today, sudden adult death syndrome is commonplace, and media doctors compete to find bizarre excuses for this. Doctors and journalists pretend that daily unexpected deaths are normal. The one cause they never blame – the covid jab.

Doctors are still injecting healthy people with the covid-19 jab – the most deadly pharmaceutical product in history. It doesn’t do what they said it would do but it does do what I said it would do – it kills people.

Doctors knew, before they started to give the jabs, that the pseudo vaccine would cause heart problems, strokes, blood clots and so on and so on. They knew, or should have known, because I certainly knew the dangers long before they started jabbing. They knew and yet they deliberately went ahead. It was their professional and legal responsibility to know that these jabs would cause numerous serious problems. Any doctor who didn’t know exactly what she or he was injecting into people is also guilty of a massive crime against her or his patients.

And if doctors and nurses didn’t warn the poor souls they were jabbing of the serious side effects then they were in breach of every ethical code in existence including the Hippocratic Oath which famously includes the line First do no Harm. Sadly, but not surprisingly, of course, the General Medical Council in the UK got rid of the Hippocratic Oath because they said it was too old-fashioned.

Actually, when you look at everything that has happened it is clear that they knew years ago what they were planning – when they started putting up defibrillators in public places. Now, of course, no school would dare not have a defibrillator fixed to the wall. They probably have them in junior and infant schools. They’ll need them in nursery schools – for the teachers too, of course.

Every day they seem to dream up more reasons for people to have the jab. The latest ploy is to say that those who aren’t jabbed are more likely to get type 2 diabetes. If it’s true, do you know why that is? There are two reasons. First, the jab screws up your blood sugar and if you get jabbed you’re probably going to get type 1 diabetes which is much more deadly. And then there’s the fact that the jab has killed so many. It reminds me of some daft researcher who claimed that smokers are less likely to get Alzheimer’s disease. Researchers got terribly excited. There was talk of everyone being encouraged to smoke because it was true. They are less likely to get Alzheimer’s. The snag, which I spotted and the researchers didn’t, is that smokers are mostly dead before they reach the sort of age when Alzheimer’s usually develops.

The truth is that vaccinators were very well paid to help sustain the lie. They got their huge fees through fraud and deception.

I’d arrest anyone who ever worked for Pfizer or any of the evil, blood soaked, greedy organisations. I’ve been writing about their fraud for decades. And I’d arrest all those who promoted, endorsed, defended and gave the damned covid jabs.

Since the whole vaccine fraud was built on lies I can’t help wondering why the deal the drug companies negotiated – at the insistence of their cheerleader Bill Gates – would stand up in a court of law – in the unlikely event that you could ever find an honest court of law, of course. Everyone involved in that fraud – drug companies, regulators, advisers, doctors and journalists – should be legally liable though I realise that justice is not something of which the conspirators approve and is not, therefore, going to be available for the time being.

I promised some advice for those who were tricked or frightened into being jabbed with what I firmly believe is the most toxic pharmaceutical product ever produced. I don’t think any drug in history has caused anywhere near as many deaths or injuries.

First, you need to boost your immune system to protect yourself against infection. If you want practical information take a look at my book Superbody.

Second, you need to avoid strenuous activity which might put your heart under too much strain. Just look at the number of super-fit professional athletes who have collapsed since being jabbed. If you really think those were all just coincidences then I can’t help you – and nor can anyone else. You also need to avoid excess stress because too much stress can put a strain on your heart.

Third, get your heart tested to see what, if any, damage has been done.

Fourth, have your blood pressure checked.

Fifth, have your blood glucose levels checked.

Sixth, have your blood checked for clotting risks.

Seventh, get your kidneys checked to make sure everything is OK.

Doctors may complain about this extra work but they gave the jabs, and were well paid for doing so, and they now have a responsibility to be prepared to help.

There are, inevitably, all sorts of people out there flogging magical remedies which are supposed to protect you against problems caused by the jab. I do not yet know of anything which I would recommend.

We need to stay alert. The latest danger is that they are planning to make it a crime to tell the truth about vaccines, of all kinds, or about global warming. Telling the truth is going to be a crime – branded as terrorism and a crime against humanity.

Please watch my good friend Colin Barron’s wonderful videos, often educational and always entertaining. And please look at my websites www.vernoncoleman.com and www.vernoncoleman.org – where there is new material most days – and share what you find with everyone on social media. I’m banned from everywhere except my own websites and those sites and channels of kind people who carry my material. Any social media sites which you see in my name are fraudulent.

Please remember: when you see something bad happening you have to stand up for what you believe to be right. If you don’t then you might as well be dead. Sadly, most people have turned their faces to the wall and given up. There is no free speech anywhere in the world.

But you are definitely not alone. More and more people are waking up. And once awake they don’t go back to sleep.

May God be with you and remember: they want compliance, let’s give them defiance.

Distrust the government, avoid mass media and fight the lies. That’s as true now as it was when I first said it nearly three years ago. And if you want to save yourself, your family and your friends please share this and my other videos with everyone you know and many people you don’t know. I can’t share anything because I’m banned everywhere for the curious modern crime of telling the truth. But I’ll be here on www.vernoncoleman.org and www.vernoncoleman.com for as long as I can.

Thank you for watching an old man in a chair.