A New Year’s Message

We would like to thank you all for your support: for your donations, your words of encouragement, for purchasing and sharing our books, for keeping us informed, and for all good thoughts and prayers. It has meant a lot to us; your help has been invaluable.

As we look back on 2022, we can be proud that the truth is evermore spreading in society. When we started off in 2020, there was very little resistance. While questioning the narrative and warning others, we sometimes felt like a lone voice in the desert. We were also often ridiculed and bullied.

Fortunately, much has changed since then. There are countless groups, organisations and individuals across Britain and around the world who are now bravely pointing out the evils of our time.

Even though many people are still spellbound by the deceptive propaganda promoted by our government, the health care system and the corrupted media, more and more people have become sceptical. Critical thinking is much more widespread today than it was two and a half years ago. Sadly, many have had to learn the hard way by experiencing adverse reactions after having taken the—’you know what’—or being coerced to take it.

We are far from the end of the fight. As you can read in this short essay, the clutches of digital slavery are becoming tighter by the day. To save humanity, we need to resist the digital trap.

Please support us furthermore in this crucial battle. We rely on your help!
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Thank you once again, and we wish you all strength, power, and joy for the New Year!

The White Rose UK

Image of white roses sent by a reader.