A Personal Beliefs Declaration

A retired UK lawyer has launched a new website to give voice to those who have genuine ethical and moral objections to forced pharmaceutical treatments.

https://reverence4all.life  provides a non-denominational Personal Beliefs Response to unethical medical mandates, coercion, bullying, sanctions and discrimination, declaring equal respect for all forms of life, saying NO! to Genetic Engineering, saying NO! to harvesting and cloning fetal cells, saying NO! to animal testing, and saying YES! to Health Freedom of Choice.

A Personal Beliefs Declaration (copy below or download here) is available for all who share these principles to download,  sign and retain as documentary evidence, if and when needed, of their Personal Belief rights.

The website is still open to further on-topic material, so relevant contributions are welcome, please message via the website.


 I, ________________________, in exercise of the Universal Human Right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, DO HEREBY SOLEMNLY and SINCERELY DECLARE that I hold dear the following Personal Beliefs and Ethical Principles.

(1) From my journey through Life’s experiences, I have developed an increasingly deep REVERENCE for ‘Mother Nature’, in all her manifestations, and I BELIEVE in equal respect for all forms of life on earth.

 (2) I AM OPPOSED to any form of genetic modification, genetic manipulation, or genetic engineering, and I will not knowingly accept any ‘GMO’ products or processes. It is my Belief that Genetic Engineering is inherently wrong and dangerous to the human race. Accordingly, I OBJECT to any tinkering with the genetic codes of humans, or, indeed, of any other life form. I do not feel that mankind has any right to interfere with nature, attempting to ‘play God’ in this way. I regard the current course of science, in conducting vile human-animal genetic experiments to be utterly grotesque, repugnant and evil. I ALSO CONDEMN the manipulation of viruses and other organisms in dangerous ‘gain of function’ experiments.

 (3) I AM OPPOSED to any laboratory use of aborted fetal cells, clones thereof, fetal cell cultures and fetal cell-lines, whether this use be in the course of research, experiment, development, production or testing.

 (4) I AM OPPOSED to the suffering and slaughter of animals in laboratory research, experiment, development, production or testing. I wholeheartedly concur with the view that ‘It is supreme human arrogance to think that we can inflict this torture on animals in labs without it coming back to bite us’

 (5) I AM OPPOSED to the censorship, ‘de-platforming’, and suppression of natural medicines and traditional treatments, and I SUPPORT completely unfettered freedom of choice for each person in all aspects of his or her personal healthcare, without any coercion, sanction, or discrimination.

AS WITNESS my signature this…….. day of ……………in the year ……….. 

(signed) …………………………………………………………………….

Download this declaration: Declaration – reverence4all