A Summary of Where We Are

Notes taken by Hugh Williams of a discussion between James Delingpole and C J Hopkins on the Delingpod, 8th November 2021

We are experiencing a new form of totalitarianism with extreme authoritarian measures such as lockdowns, disproportionate fines, neighbours reporting on neighbours, fear everywhere, social distancing, businesses being forced to close down, and with those who oppose the vaccine being given no chance to explain their reasons. Indeed, antivaxxers have become the new hate figures.

Instead of giving the unvaccinated the chance for proper debate, the media, the BBC and the government promote and cheer people like Captain Tom and the NHS. And all the while, people are being misled by these smokescreens into believing things that are simply not true. (HMW adds: i.e. Relatively very few people are dying of Covid – 0.2% of the population so far; about 1 in 500 – and many of those who died could have been saved had they been allowed to take simple and readily available medicines, the efficacy of which has been proven over many years. Instead, and according to a number of undertakers who have dared speak out, the numbers of Covid deaths have been criminally exaggerated with most suffering an agonising demise or, in the cases of many deaths in nursing homes, euthanised.)

So there is now a new reality that has been created: a new social format that people must accept and about which they are not allowed to ask any questions. And those who don’t accept this bogus reality must be punished.

Astonishingly, the facts are easily accessible but if one shows the facts to people who have swallowed the government’s propaganda, they will tend not to believe them. There is even the chance that if you show such people the facts they will lose their temper or come up with specious counter-arguments.

We have reached a position where anyone who disagrees with the official version is dismissed as a suppressive person.

An additional effect of this brainwashing being that it seems you can’t de-programme those who believe the authorised version. The entire world is now dominated by just one ideological power and you can’t reason with those who blindly obey it. To win them round you would have to do what relations and friends used to do in the past with those who had entered some strange religious cult, namely, kidnap them and de-programme them over time but, as we have said, this is not possible.

What is worse is that the stories of people dying after the jab are just not understood. (HMW adds: Take the cases of Michael Anthony Granata in California or Bevan Costello, an Australian aborigine who was persuaded, against his will, to take the jab to encourage his fellow aborigines. In the case of the latter the authorities soon dropped promoting his example after he had died. Neither of these people wanted the jab; they were forced into taking it, and with fatal results. Or take the case of someone who didn’t die: Charlie Wyke, the Wigan footballer who collapsed while playing in League Division I shortly after having been given a so-called vaccination. Anyone who suggests that these cases might have been caused by the jab is told to keep quiet and not to fuel vaccine hesitancy without any evidence. And there have been many, many other cases of sports people collapsing after having been vaccinated but with scant, if any, press coverage.) This refusal to have any sort of debate about the side-effects and deaths is a classic hallmark of totalitarianism.

Added to which most people want to stay part of the group who stick to the government’s narrative, simply to keep their job and also to be allowed to go on holiday etc. This is one reason why many people who are shown the truth, no longer accept or believe it. (HMW adds: One sees this in the way that they tend not to see any inconsistency between their being against the death penalty but in favour of abortion.)

One reason why the press are just not speaking out is that, by the time a journalist takes up his first job at a newspaper, he has already been conditioned to write what his bosses want him to write. That work has been done by his school and university, and by what he has been exposed to by the media. This is why no journalist looks at the authorised agenda critically. No one gives these journalists specific orders. It’s the territory that they inhabit that has conditioned them. They self-censor themselves.

And yet now should be the moment that every journalist in the world has been waiting for; but they all have refused to challenge anything about what’s going on. They are avoiding the biggest story in our lifetime. The only opposition to the false narrative is provided by the likes of Delingpole and Hopkins who have been sufficiently marginalised that their views and reports can be dismissed as being unworthy of any consideration and even dangerous.

The strange thing is that the Germans, who, of all people, one would have thought would be the most sensitive in terms of spotting and avoiding the domination of a totalitarian regime, have buckled under such a system, and buckled with a vengeance. This to the extent that one of their top footballers, who has refused the jab, has been virulently attacked by top politicians and press alike for daring to step out of line and speak out. There is a suffocating level of hysteria in Germany. A denial of reality. (Hopkins knows this because he lives in Berlin)

So, to counter this terrible situation, we need to keep speaking out gently and causing what Hopkins calls “friction.” He suggests that we do this because the majority of people are very normal and only go along with the government’s narrative because they are simply trying to protect their jobs and carry on as they used to. With this normality still inside them they just might yet be open to our pleas for them to wake up and see what is happening. We have to do what we can to stop so many people believing in the fantasy that has been fed to them by the government. Scientists, doctors and the press are refusing to point out what is going on and so we, the people who can see that the emperor has no clothes, have to do their work. We have to do their work for them in this perfect storm of “Stupid.”

And we must also point it out because thousands of children are going to be killed by the vaccine.

And what is further likely to happen is that the unvaxxed will be blamed for these deaths. And this blame will be apportioned despite the report that the British Medical Journal has recently published showing that the vaccinated can pass on the virus just as easily as the unvaccinated; meaning that there is clearly no need at all to segregate the unvaccinated.

We have to get people to look at what will happen if they continue to swallow the government’s propaganda and support this Satanic narrative. They must be gently encouraged to look at the frightening reality of what is happening.

An additional thought: Those who can see the reality of what is going on, must keep communicating with each other. And we must do this to help each other and thus grow the size of the opposition to this Satanic fraud. And we must also do this because the propaganda is about to be increased as we enter Winter No 3 of this so-called apocalyptic virus. And the Omicron variant, the danger of which has yet to be assessed although the doctor who first raised the alarm in South Africa says that the symptoms are “unusual but mild”, will result in the promotion of mass hysteria being shifted into an even higher gear.

Hopkins is confident that, come April 2022, we will either be walking around with our digital passes to get a coffee, or, as Delingpole hopes, the likes of us will have thrown a monkey wrench into the machine and won the day. And the reason why the second option may work is that we don’t have to take the battle to the authorities. We just have to hold on. It will not be fun but, if we can get 25% of the population to hold on with us; if we can encourage them to resist the draconian measures and, where possible, to demonstrate their opposition to the false narrative that we are being forced to put up with, a sufficiently large critical mass will be created; and that will be large enough to prevent the authorities from keeping up this level of Satanic hysteria for yet another year.

We must keep fighting to the bitter end. The world we would like to live in is what we are fighting for and it is vital to fight for it. As Delingpole says, and HMW agrees, “I am fighting because I won’t be able to survive in the new normal.”

Note: C J Hopkins can be found at https://consentfactory.org. James Delingpole is at https://delingpoleworld.com and his talks at https://delingpole.podbean.com

Hugh Williams is author of the book Covid Crisis – 101 Unanswered Questions