Adios Adidas – Time to Boycott Sick ‘Woke’ Companies

Weeks after athletic apparel brand Nike invited backlash by partnering with transgender-identifying man Dylan Mulvaney to sell sports bras, competitor adidas has produced a line of clothing including items advertised for women but modeled by a man ahead of so-called “Pride” month.

Adidas’ new “Pride 2023” collection is entitled “Let Love Be Your Legacy” and features numerous clothing options marketed to women but modeled either by men or overweight women. The company’s website bills the collection as “a celebration of self-expression, imagination and the unwavering belief that love unites.”

A video ad of one of the options in the new clothing line shows a man with a hairy chest and an obviously masculine physique modeling a swimsuit that is advertised for women on the company’s website. The clip has gone viral on social media, triggering outrage and calls for a boycott of the popular athletic wear company.

The website refers to the male model of the women’s swimsuit by “they/them” pronouns and indicates that he is 6 feet 2 inches tall.

“We’re all unique, but we’re all connected by love,” adidas said in the online description of the item. “That’s the message of this adidas swimsuit, designed in collaboration with Rich Mnisi. The exuberant print brings joyful energy to your day at the beach.”

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From the comments:

It seems the Woke world and the LGBT gender confused world want to annihilate biological women. What a fractured fairytale life they live. Women are wonderful and unique. Men will never replace women and women will never replace a real biological man. There’s no substitute. Stand up for the two sexes God created and don’t support these confused knockoffs. Spend your money somewhere else and make a difference. Support real women and men. Nike is an insult to every woman and man!