If You Are Under Threat of Arrest Or Have Been Arrested: Advice on Arrest

This note of advice has been passed on to people who were being arrested in London on Saturday.

  1. Ask for officer’s name, badge number, station they work out of and ask to see warrant card.
  2. Ask: “Have I committed a crime?” If they say “Yes”, ask who the victim is. If they say “No”, then this is a civil matter and the police have no jurisdiction. Say to the Police Officer: “Are you aware you are now liable for private prosecution for fraud by misrepresentation. Ask the officer: “can you show me the contract you say I have broken.”
  3. If the Police demand your details, reply: “I am not obliged to give you my details.” If the officer threatens to arrest you for not giving details, ask: “If you were to arrest me, what would the first words of the Police Caution be?” Their answer will be: “You do not have to say anything …”
  4. Ask: “Do I have the right to remain silent only after you tell me or do I always have the right to remain silent?” YOU ALWAYS HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT!
  5. Ask: “Can I be arrested for exercising my right to remain silent, if the caution tells me I have the right to remain silent?”
  6. From this point your only reply should be NO COMMENT!
  7. They can hold you for up to 24 hours and will attempt to use techniques to get you to enter into a contract with them. NO COMMENT!