After Three Years of Living Through the Covid ‘Plandemic’ I’ve Now Said All I Can Say

My Campaigning Swan Song

By Douglas Brodie

My last email of 23 February 2023 entitled “We are being horribly abused by lies, false propaganda and suppression of the truth” has been posted online by Joel (who wins the prize for best graphics), The White Rose UK, John at PSI and others, including one in French. I thank them all for their support.

To belatedly extend my last post, isn’t it odd that the 350-page Coronavirus Bill which hobbled the law courts and allowed all the lockdown tyrannies to be imposed by ministerial diktat with no parliamentary scrutiny was already drafted ready to be rushed into law in March 2020? Isn’t it odd that for an allegedly deadly virus, an FOI has revealed there were zero deaths from Covid–19 among all doctors and nurses in Scotland over a three-year period? Isn’t it odd that the US FDA tried to suppress the release of the fraudulent Pfizer clinical trial data for 75 years?

The White Rose UK, has also posted my 27 February response on the UK government’s consultation on identity verification. For those who haven’t yet joined all the dots, forcing vaccine passports (aka digital ids) onto the entire population was one of the main objectives of the global establishment’s Covid “plandemic” which was executed in carefully coordinated lockstep all round the world. This for a virus known from the outset to be easily treatable and for most people no worse than flu but made to appear terrifyingly dangerous through criminal euthanasia and the mis-certification of deaths, assisted by the cruel banning of safe and effective Covid early treatment drugs. All this went unreported by the corrupt, paid-for mainstream media which for good measure is under the Orwellian thumb of Big Brother Ofcom.

People who have not researched this issue as I have may find these assertions unbelievable but all is explained in, inter alia, this outstanding post by Igor Chudov and this (very long) post on the extensively-researched Reiner Fuellmich 2022 Covid-19 Crimes Against Humanity trial.

Some who have been fully engrossed in going about their busy lives may say “But can’t all the crazy upheavals and impositions be put down to panic and bumbling cock-ups by incompetents like Matt Hancock?”. I say no, definitely not. There are too many “dots” of evidence all pointing to a pre-planned global conspiracy.

Thankfully the global establishment failed on their plandemic objective to force the populace into digital straitjackets but they may well try again, e.g. via food or energy rationing, a digital currency or some such “Great Reset” gimmick to supposedly fix our now inevitable economic decline or a new pandemic (or plandemic), coming in 2025 according to Bill Gates and the WHO.

I very much hope that this email is my swan song public post. Later this year I will reach a big round number age and it’s time for me to “retire” properly. The timing is helped by the now receding danger to friends and family of being pressured into taking the dangerous, ineffective mRNA boosters, at least in the UK but sadly perhaps not in ultra-mendacious countries like Canada (see the pinned top comment) and the USA.

After three years of living through the Covid “plandemic” I’ve now said all I can say. My first online post on the subject was back in October 2020 , in retrospect quite good although unsurprisingly not quite on the mark. I’ve been able to use uncompromising language which many are constrained by Orwellian Ofcom not to use.

I’ve done what few other commentators have done by linking the abuses that the globalists have inflicted on us through their Covid scam to the abuses they are inflicting on us without any morally valid mandate through their equally unjustified other scams: “climate change”, Agenda 2030 and The Great Reset, the Ukraine war, national sovereignty sellout to the Bill Gates and CCP controlled WHO, online censorship and “safety” (and suppression), 15-minute cities, air pollution, health-hazardous 5G, the dysfunctional NHS, out-of-control immigration, gender and identity politics wokery, identity verification, central bank digital currencies, cost of lockdown inflation, deliberately created food shortages, crippling energy costs, … what a catalogue of oppressions!

There is no longer a need for me to harp on about the minutia of their skulduggeries. It is now as plain as day what the globalists and our despicable, treasonous politicians are scheming to do to us across multiple fronts. I’ve done all I reasonably can and it’s now mainly down to well-resourced individuals and groups to bring high-level action against them, if they can. Anyone with a well-documented grievance could try calling the police.

I’ll say it again: I contend that Nicola Sturgeon and many others deserve to go to jail for their deeply unethical psyops-driven democidal Covid plandemic violations of the Nuremburg Code.

I hadn’t previously mentioned the air pollution scam, not to be confused with the so-called “pollution” of CO2 emissions. This is now being ramped up via commerce-crippling Ultra Low Emissions Zones. Just like their other scams, this is built on junk science Garbage In, Garbage Out computer modelling. The lie that air pollution kills 40,000 people a year in the UK ranks alongside Neil Ferguson’s lie that Covid would kill 500,000. It’s just another bogus pretext to abuse, constrain and immiserate us. Analyst Paul Homewood explains the scam in this article and these posts.

I’ll end with a review of recent news items not reported by the mainstream media. Some of these are devastating to the establishment’s “official” narratives.

  • The shameless Telegraph parrots the false narrative that the Covid vaccines are “safe and effective” because it has been bribed to do so by vaccine mega-billionaire Bill Gates. It is making a big show of “leaked” WhatsApp messages between top politicians during lockdown, e.g. then health secretary Matt Hancock asking “When do we deploy the new variant?” and joshing about Bill Gates microchips in the vaccines. Although damning for Hancock, this whole show may be an attempt to create a “limited hangout” distraction. Watch this 4-minute putdown which turns the establishment narrative around to explain the truth. Honest reporting on this story is also given by James Delingpole here and Neil Oliver from 6:45 here. Dr Renee Honderkamp recounts harrowing tales of teen suicides resulting from Hancock’s deliberate lies.
  • Check the Twitter thread of John Mappin saying “The game is up” because the leaders of our world (it’s not clear who exactly he is referring to) now know that the Covid mRNA injections are lethal and have maimed millions. He adds that campaigners who have said this all along are now thoroughly vindicated. See his follow-up tweet here.
  • US analyst Edward Dowd explains how excess deaths have soared since the rollout of the Covid mRNA injections. He calls the Covid debacle “the greatest crime scene I’ve seen in my life” and he built his highly successful career on identifying fraud. See his amazingly prescient multi-part tweet of May 2020. I empathise with his full interview where he describes how he was disparaged and ostracised for his “crank conspiracy theory” views before eventually being proved right by irrefutable evidence.
  • There have been several damning new denouncements of the establishment for the medical disaster now prevailing globally: Obstetrician Dr James Thorp testified in Washington DC on the post-vaccine catastrophic 100-fold and more increase in abnormalities in women’s reproductive health which he says is risking the future of all humanity. More from Dr Thorp here. US critical care physician Dr Pierre Kory says that the level of Covid vaccine injuries is “a humanitarian catastrophe and doctors can no longer ignore it”. An insider analyst reports on how NHS consultations on strokes shot up by 25% immediately after the start of the vaccine rollout.
  • Of relevance to the possible infliction of mass sterilisation, a woman grandee at a WEF conference opined (the subtitle text is wrong and my version paraphrases slightly for clarity): “all these world problems [alleged, no doubt including the old chestnut of “climate change”] wouldn’t be a problem if the size of the world population was what it was 500 years ago”. This chimes with the Club of Rome’s Malthusian pronouncement that “the real enemy then is humanity itself”.
  • Of relevance to the implied infliction of global depopulation, two distinguished independent scientists, Emeritus Professors William Happer and Richard Lindzen, say that Net Zero is completely pointless and that “half the world faces starvation” if it is pushed through. Is this the whole Malthusian point of Net Zero?
  • This is not an April Fool’s Day story: A Canadian company plans to dump hundreds of tonnes of a mineral off the Cornish coast (St Ives Bay) to supposedly “slow climate change”. Who is authorising such idiocy and the much more dangerous plans of megalomaniac Bill Gates [his fifth adverse mention in this short post] to dim the sun’s rays?
  • Geopolitical analyst Ralph Schoellhammer reports on the “the slow death of Europe” with industry being strangled by sky-high energy bills and mountains of bureaucracy.
  • For analysis of the murky Skripal case 5 years on and its deep state Covid and Ukraine war parallels, see this Jaime Jessop post and UK Column News from 41:26.
  • Politicians have broken the unwritten Social Contract between the government and the people says Mello.B33 in a multi-part tweet comprising 27 outstanding quotations, posted by Joel Smalley. This was covered by Neil Oliver back in May 2022: “As far as I’m concerned, the social contract has been broken. Not by we, the law-abiding tax-paying majority, but by the few of the state. This is our country, our world. The moment we decide collectively that we have nothing to fear from those who would take advantage of our good nature, in that moment the fear is gone, and somewhere in their hearts and somewhere in their heads, the billionaires of Davos must know it too.


That’s it from me and my long and complex emails, maybe barring a future bad turn of public events for the much worse.

Douglas Brodie, Nairn, 8 March 2023