Alarming Future Vision by the “Green” Elite

Chatham House created an online virtual future of London Piccadilly, named Futurescape, presenting a journey through London over the next 100 years. The interactive scenes show how they imagine the future of London Piccadilly, and this is probably meant an example for other so-called smart cities. Chatham House defines itself as: “… a world-leading policy institute with a mission to help governments and societies build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world.”

See here:

The most disturbing of their future vision is the fact that they are being serious about it, and are implementing measures in that direction. If this is not your vision of the future of humanity, there is no need to accept it.

Looking around the Futurescape, here a some reasons for concern:

  • If you remove all the fancy stuff in the centre (Piccadilly), you’re left with a lot of grey tower buildings/blocks of flats in the background. Are they reflecting the living standard for the majority?
  • There appears to be very little people around. Are these the consequences of the depopulation programme?
  • In place of money there is a government certified cryptocurrency earned through social contributions and time spent on community projects (equivalent to the social credit scheme as known in China).
  • Climate change pseudo-science is used as an excuse for change.
  • Someone sits on a bench and tells a “bench story” about pseudo religion, mentioning river, upcycle and techno gods.
  • Their perception of “local food”: protein lab, insects, in-vitro kebab…
  • A Woman is pregnant with a genetically engineered child, and an advertisement in the background says: “Engineering for all unborns, ask your doctor”. This reminds us of a dark chapter in history where babies were unethically “bred” to create the “perfect” human…
  • Earthism – apparently a “nature-based religion”. Note that “Mary’s” halo is not depicted in a Roman Catholic way. Earthism has certainly more to do with satanism than with the Christian God or any other monotheistic religion.
  • Super-smart worlds with AI (artificial intelligence) technology, the procedure of transhumanism which merges humans with computer technology.
  • London looks darkened in the 2090-2121 period. Would this be the sun-dimming technology wanted by Bill Gates?


Chatham House uses positive rhetoric and glorifies technical advance to deliver their message. But don’t be deceived—this project is clearly in accordance with the Agenda 2030.

UK Column News has been talking about this Chatham House future project. It begins around 49 minutes into the video: