All of Us, Together, Can Win This

By Ray Wilson

“If you believed they put a man on the moon, man on the moon.
If you believe there’s nothing up his sleeve, then nothing is cool.” REM

It is Saturday, May 13th, and I woke up in the night thinking about the future for our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. It’s been a restless night, and the moon is in the last quarter of its lunar cycle.
I am thinking about Mikey, my nephew; he’s a PhD now. It was back in the nineties when REM had the song “Man on the Moon on the charts”.

It stuck in my mind. He asked me then, “Uncle Ray, do you believe that they put a man on the moon?”
“Yes, in 1969, I watched the low definition ‘live’ footage on a black-and-white TV, and that’s why, Mikey, we have the computers that we have today,” I say glibly.

Project COVID is the issue of our time, a project at the speed of science; it involves a journey many magnitudes greater than any mere trip to the moon. It’s a big step for a woman or a man; it’s a giant leap for humanity. The funny thing is, we are all on this journey; some are just starting, some are further along. Some don’t even realise they are on a journey. This is the issue of our time.

CHDTV is streaming the Truth Be Told rally from Trafalgar Square at 1 p.m. today, and we are going to send all our family members the link so that they can watch it live. We are hopeful that some of the younger members will at least click on it. Our beautiful granddaughter was forced to take the government’s gene therapy or lose her job. She works in the care sector, and she is always very lethargic these days.

One day, maybe very soon, I will not even be able to think the unthinkable; in fact, none of us will, and I certainly will not be able to speak out loud or write what I am about to. Not out of fear of derision, bullying, or name-calling, but because of threats, fines, and imprisonment. But let’s not worry about it because we collectively are going to prevent that from happening.

Tess Lawrie is saying, “All of those involved, directly or indirectly, we will make sure are brought to justice and held accountable. We have to take back control of our health and our lives.”
Patrick Henningsen is saying, “If you have a voice, use it or lose it. Give them not an inch; give them no quarter.”

Free speech—without it, you no longer have a voice. We must call them out—the crimes against humanity. It is important to have the freedom to express our thoughts and ideas, even if they are controversial or unpopular.

My missus is talking about the incredible numbers of people hobbling about using sticks and mobility aids, some with swollen legs and feet like balloons. “They are all talking about not being able to get doctor’s appointments,” she missus explains.

Trev says that he is devastated by the loss of so many of his friends and lifelong fishing friends from the fraternity. Heart attacks, strokes, cancers many died suddenly.

“I can’t do this anymore.” Our friend confides in us, “I can’t lie anymore—to myself, to the parents, to the children I am privileged to teach.”
She says the global sex education system, which is not evidence-based, is mandated against our parents wishes from age three. Extremely evil people are attacking our children from all sides, indoctrinating them and sowing the seeds of gender dysphoria and confusion, and some children are terrified and fear being in school.

In June 2023, the UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) announced that children aged between six months and four years old who are deemed clinically vulnerable will be offered two doses of the COVID vaccine. This follows the approval of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) in December.

“I can only sleep at night knowing I will do all in my power to prevent these atrocities,” she concludes.
“I believe that we must, regardless of any small differences of opinion, now more than ever, fight to protect our children,” I say.

I just listened to the first public speech by Mike Yeadon in Trafalgar Square on a live stream.
“This is a murderous attack on humanity; it starts above the level of nations, which is why the lockdown stuff leapt out at me; it’s not in any country’s pandemic plan; it’s there above us, above the nations. They are going to impose digital ID on everybody; decline it, decline it. Decline it; you do not need a digital ID to live your peaceful life; they need you to have it.”
“What else have they got cooking?”
“CBDC It’s very different from your bank card because it’s a real time transaction; it knows where you are and what you are buying before it says yes or no.” Use cash at every possible opportunity; decline doing business with anyone who won’t accept it; this will involve you in inconvenience, just like declining a digital ID is going to involve you in inconvenience. If you don’t accept the inconvenience, you have stepped into a human slaughterhouse.”

Mike Yeadon started to exit the stage but returned to say, “People keep telling me how brave I am; I am not brave. I am not brave. I don’t want to be famous. I have not made any money. In fact, I have lost a fortune.”

“Given what I think is happening, if you think it’s courageous of me to speak out, think how horrible it will be if you don’t speak out. You must speak out; I can’t reach the people you know who aren’t here, and the media is never going to tell them, so I am sorry to put this burden on you. It’s you; I can’t save you; Fiona can’t save you; and Andrew Bridgen can’t save you. You can save yourself; we can do it.”

I agree; this is why we are here: to play our part, whatever it turns out to be, to the best of our ability. This is the reason we are engaged in this battle. I worry for our children, our grandchildren, and our great-grandchildren. We must fight for them as we have never fought before; we must recognise the lies and deceit of our adversaries; we must recognise our strength in being united together; together, we are unstoppable. It is our responsibility to ensure that they inherit a world that is safe, just, and sustainable. Let us stand firm in our commitment to this cause and leave a legacy of hope for future generations, but we must stand in truth.

In the summer of 2021, our family got together for a big event, the first such event since 2019, and we were many in number and filled the marquee in the pub garden.
It’s a warm evening, and Mikey, my nephew, decides he will accompany me across the fields to walk the dog. We catch up, and he explains that he decided to decline the so called “vaccine” in the end, even though his mum and brother had it. He is now a man of science, and we talk about the various states of water, chlorine, and fluoride in water and disagree about the quantities and how the decision to fluorinate water was soon to be made by the secretary of state.

“So, tell me, did they put a man on the moon?” My nephew won’t be appeased until I answer.
I think this may be a trick question, maybe a litmus test, red or blue, to see if I am revealed as a conspiracy theorist.
Mikey has visited NASA’s Kennedy Space Centre several times since he was young and knows every detail of every mission.
“Well, it’s like this,” I begin. “To be honest, I don’t know absolutely. I think that Apollo 11 was definitely launched into space, but I believe there is evidence to show that it remained in low earth orbit.”
“When I realised the deception, I knew it wasn’t the only one perpetrated on us by the globalists, and like all the great lies, they rely on the crucial grain of truth. I believed it at the time as we watched it live on TV in 1969, but I realised later after studying electronics that the Apollo 11 computer with a mere 4K processor with 32K of ram wasn’t going to cut it, along with the instant communication by telephone of President Nixon talking to the astronauts far away on the moon—with no communication delays? Despite the limitations of the Apollo 11 computer, the contrived event, and the cooked up lies, it paved the way for future advancements in technology, a technology that I have spent the last 50 years working in.”
“That wasn’t the answer you once gave me,” Mikey points out.
“No, you have got me there.” “I was wrong, but that’s life. I was right about the space programme helping to accelerate the development of microelectronics, though; it’s a journey. Look at the new evidence, use critical thinking, and come to your own conclusion.”

I totally understand the bitter disappointment of waking up to the lies our governments have foisted on us over probably centuries. If and when we realise it, we will face possible exclusion from family and work and have the very joy of life denied us, yet it is a price worth paying for our children and to sleep at night.

The powers that should not be have always compartmentalised us; in our education and in our work lives, knowledge is given on a need-to-know basis only. Why? Because the good people are less likely to dot the dots, to realise the deceit, to work diligently in only their area of expertise, and to keep their sticky mitts out of stuff that doesn’t concern them. That’s why. So did mission control know about the hoax? No, probably not. Did our doctors, our nurses, our teachers, and our media know about the COVID hoax? Probably not, at least not to start with, and once they were inveigled into the lie, trapped by its tentacles and under the pain of death, dismissal, or ostracisation, they acquiesced, rolled over, and pretended not to see. It’s difficult not to cast aspersions and blame; it’s more difficult to offer amnesties and olive branches, but at this stage, we need everyone. We are sick of the establishment’s engineered divisions. All of us, together, can win this. Only then can we look our children in the eye and say that we played our part and did our very best.

Truth Be Told Rally – London – May 13th Trafalgar Square (Humanity Under Attack/Rumble):