All Together Magazine Claims Adverse Reactions to mRNA Vaccine Was ‘Good News’

A reader writes:

I have just written a letter of complaint (see below) to editor, Tom Dowling of Altogether Now! Page 3 of the January/February edition sports a short piece claiming that wait for it… Having adverse reactions to the jabs are a sign that they are working properly!  I couldn’t resist replying…


For the attention of Mr Tom Dowling (editor)

Dear Mr Dowling
I was disturbed to read on page 3 of your recent edition of Altogether Now! That having bad reactions to the recent mRNA Covid 19 experimental vaccine was almost ‘thigh slappingly’ good news:  Indeed that having a bad reaction following the jab was a sign that the inoculation was indeed working all the better for the recipient!  Really?
Does this mean that people who have previously had flu jabs without reactions are to be concerned that their vaccines were therefore in-effective?  How silly.
The triumphant claims of covid vaccine efficacy made in ‘Altogether Magazine!’ appear to be without any supporting data from your ‘expert’ Dr Quinton.  Surely, as editor, you cannot expect your readers to let this claim go unchallenged?
Are you really unaware of the increasingly alarming global data that exists showing that the Yellow Card Reporting System (UK) and Vaers (USA) has been practically swamped with serious adverse reactions following the experimental covid 19 jabs and that people have died from same?  Statistics show deaths and serious adverse reactions to be simply off the scale especially when considered against all other previous vaccines put together!  There’s a headline for you.
As an editor, I assume that it is not outside of your jurisdiction to check that what is printed in Altogether Now as truth v Dr. Quinton’s opinion be checked against conflicting sources of information and presented in an unbiased way.  Allowing for alternative views on any subject matter including the experimental Covid 19 jabs would afford the reader a balanced account so that he or she can determine for themselves whether they subscribe to the claims stated by Dr. Quinton that having a bad reaction to the ‘vaccine’ is jolly good news.
There are many more statistics and evidence to show that sadly great harms have occurred following the recent experimental vaccines and indeed Sir Christopher Chope has raised issues in the House of Commons as has MP Andrew Bridgen.
Furthermore, on recent BBC News – Dr Aseem Malhotra Consultant Cardiologist has advised for some time that the experimental mRNA vaccines be halted and withdrawn without delay following serious adverse reactions including death:
Yours faithfully,
Joella  Public

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