Ambulance Worker Receives Call After Call Due to Serious Reactions to the Covid ‘Vaccines’

This article is from an Australian online news website, but it’s pretty much a similar situation in the UK and other countries around the world.

  • An NSW ambulance worker writes:

“…For those who don’t know I work in NSW Ambulance control and have done for the last 18 years. I personally take up to 120 calls per shift for ambulance assistance, and I am flabbergasted that it appears no hospital staff in NSW ie doctors or nurses in emergency rooms have come out with the information….

I am hearing call after call of people having adverse and serious reactions to these vaccines so much so that I have flagged this with other staff and managers who agree, one who stated it is absolutely no coincidence that many cardiac events whether they be cardiac arrest or heart palpitations etc directly follow these vaccines and callers are stating that they have never had events like this before and directly connect it with the vaccines. There are exponentially more people being hospitalised in NSW due to these adverse reactions than to Covid itself. (…)”

The 400 recorded Australian deaths and 45,000 injured wouldn’t even represent 10% of the reality. Possibly not even 1%

And this sadly is just the beginning. Governments have ordered millions of body bags around the world for what’s coming. But there won’t be enough body bags nor people to bury the dead from these vaccines. (…)

They already plan to blame it on Covid or a new variant to fool the unsuspecting, highly gullible public that think news is news and not the criminal elites propaganda networks (…)

Read the full article on Australian National Review:

  • The Daily Expose reported on 31 July: “Data published by Public Health England shows that calls to the ambulance service due to people suffering cardiac arrest or being unconscious have increased week on week by huge numbers compared to expected levels ever since young adults started to get the Covid-19 vaccine.”

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