Anatomy of a Genocide

By Cherry Hughs

Quite a strong title I know, but I think this is a fitting description of what went on at least from 2020 and continues its insidious course today.

In March 2020 the world, well, much of the world’s governments and, by their actions, a large majority of those populations, totally lost their minds. They began to believe lies. They did not question, obviously fabricated junk narratives,  and they turned against their friends, family, colleagues and anybody else, who failed to be sucked in and fully embrace the fantasy.

I, as so many of us, was aghast.

In the NHS, we witnessed a cull. We saw sick and scared individuals separated from their family and friends at a time they needed them the most, and we observed them suffering and dying alone.  We kindly updated their loved ones with a hurried phone call most days, but often not that frequently, because we were so benevolent and caring. 

And we witnessed the wholesale prescribing of end of life drugs for entire populations living in care homes and nursing homes.

If they got a cold, a cough  or God forbid, a fever, they were deemed to have the ‘plague’, they were further isolated, if that was possible, and then the ‘just in case’ medications were commenced and they were effectively culled.

I know how that sounds. But that is the truth of what I and others who dare speak out, saw and acknowledge to be fact.

It’s all forgotten now, ‘we’ve moved on’, unfortunately, those who died were not afforded that luxury, and neither were their loved ones.

The ‘thing’ that supposedly rampaged through the air, infecting and afflicting us, and driving us to the hospitals,  actually, didn’t.

As I have shown before, the hospitals were largely empty. 

But this is an inconvenient truth. The fanfare for the Nightingale Hospitals, convened at huge public expense and here just in time to be flooded with the stricken, laid empty. Nothing said. Where is the outrage at the obvious lies that were force-fed to the public, the non-stop filthy propaganda, wall to wall every day and night on social media, television, news, placards, public hoardings. The blaming and coercive posters, ‘look into his eyes and tell him you always keep a safe distance’.  This was top-flight wartime style propaganda, plain and simple, to shame, demoralize, and extract compliance, no more, no less.

Who in parliament stood up and tore the government apart over this, who asked why we had trashed the economy, collapsed countless small businesses, tore families apart, and presided over, in the words of Dr Roger Hodgkinson, ‘the biggest crime ever perpetrated on an unsuspecting public’.  Nobody.

Conversations were beginning in late 2020, about a vaccine that when developed would save us and restore normality again.  These were conversations taking place between my colleagues in the hospital where I worked.  These were seemingly sane people, not normally known to be completely psychotic, but yet here they were, debating this as if such a thing were possible. To stop what? A non- existing disease, conjured from the air by the jokers running the scam?

No, they were not joking, they believed this to be true, and when the untested, gene based medical procedure rolled into view, they were triumphant, ‘see, you said this wouldn’t happen’.  ‘No, I said it shouldn’t happen, and because it is not possible to know what the effects of an untested, totally new gene based therapy could be, now or in the long-term’.  Well, soon after the roll out the deaths truly began, and now we do know.

A FOI sent to my local hospital revealed exactly what I suspected to be true, that the ‘so-called’ gold standard PCR test, was used as the linchpin to run the scam. A scientific, laboratory technique invented by Dr Cary Mullis, to make, in his own words ‘a whole lot of something out of nothing’. It was NEVER conceived, intended or developed to be a diagnostic tool. It is NOT a diagnostic. It does not diagnose. But it will allow a label to be slapped on most people who were mad enough, or trusting enough, to get ‘tested’.  It was used to impose isolation on individuals and their families, it was used to send staff home so businesses were understaffed, it did instil fear, it did keep the volume control on the panic cranked up to the max. It drove the whole bloody thing, and like some crazed individual in an old movie, it kept its foot on the gas as it careered on two wheels, round dangerous mountain passes at breakneck speed, while not wearing a seatbelt.

On one occasion I had a difficult conversation with my line manager after clinical staff were sent an email explaining how we were to use the lateral flows and PCR, to test ourselves before shifts. I replied with a short explanation of why I felt this was unnecessary and how the tests told us nothing, and why would we test if we were well anyway ?  She told me that I was wrong, (big mistake), I said I was not wrong, that she was wrong, ‘no’ she said with conviction, ‘it’s the gold standard’. When asked how she came to that conclusion, she said ‘its on the government website’. Wow. After a further exchange, and my inability to let it go or concede to such demonic lunacy, she decided that she couldn’t waste any more time on this and we would have to agree to disagree. 

If proof were needed of the PCR doing its stuff in keeping the scam in full force, here, in all its glory, is that FOI:

As for the carnage in the core homes after the ‘procedure’ was rolled out… it was hard to witness.  I would be called to see a patient, and would be greeted at the door by staff in full PPE, announcing to me ‘we’ve got covid in here’. As I made my way to see the particular patient, we passed room after room of elderly residents, crying out, moaning, struggling to breathe, and those heavily medicated and motionless. ‘They’ve all got covid’ I was told. ‘Haven’t they been vaccinated?’ I asked  knowing what the answer would be, as I had heard it before, ‘yes, they were all vaccinated this week’.

The irony was lost, the penny did not drop, no connection was made.

I have more to say about this shameful period in our recent history, but we can leave it there for now.  In the meantime,  protect your own health, eat cleanly, get fresh air and exercise and be discerning in your choices. 

Much love.

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