Andrew Bridgen MP: ‘We Are In Danger of Giving Them More Powers’

Andrew Bridgen MP speaks in the debate on the World Health Organisation’s (WHO) pandemic prevention and preparedness treaty and accompanying amendments to the international health regulations, to raise his objections to signing up to treaties that would empower the WHO’s director-general to impose sweeping, legally binding directives on member states overriding UK sovereignty. (Andrew Bridgen MP/YT)


Comment by Roy M McIntosh:

When you see people talking about what has gone on in the last three plus years, so many that are asking questions still go on about the ‘pandemic’. In reality was it a pandemic or an illness like the flu that was grabbed hold of for some agenda and made worse by the murder of elderly and people with health problems? 2020 to date it is as if the flu has vanished!

Things that need to be discussed are things like doctor’s surgeries contacting people and asking to put DNR on their health records. This happened in Wales and Scotland and would be no shock if in all of the UK! It was as if they were wanting people to die… Then on the other hand you had all sorts of cheating going on with people travelling about when the majority were caged up i.e., Boris and his party, health advisor to Scotland travelling to holiday home, Hancock tackling the office floozy or who ever she was, Charles and Camilla travelling during lockdown etc. I also saw a photograph of Edinburgh airport where people had to social distance waiting to get on a plane outside, then when on the plane it was packed in like sardines!
It just did not all add up!

It would be interesting to know the facts from other countries to see if the same happened! If yes, were orders being given from someone and if yes, please try and name the source of the evil agenda that seems to be pouring out!

The video of Andrew Bridgen also needs a full open and honest debate. Looks as if voting people into office is one big waste of time! Are the UN/WHO/Gates deciding what happens worldwide?

There is also more and more coming out about the poison jabs and for sure this also requires an honest debate? As for the poison jab, what is the truth about it – how many people have been maimed and murdered by the jab?