Another Letter to Morrisons

Hilmore House
71 Gain Lane

Dear Mr P,

I am writing with dismay at your policy to deny sick pay to unvaccinated workers who have to self-isolate. This seems like coercion to me.

It is a moral breach of human rights against those who have chosen to remain vaccine free, and will further ostracise, discriminate and segregate staff who have merely exercised their free will.

It is entirely their choice, and they should not be ‘encouraged’ to receive a medical procedure with doubtful safety claims, and no known long term safety data.

Adverse reactions are grossly underreported via the seldom promoted voluntary Yellow Card Scheme, and vaccine manufacturers have no liability for injuries or deaths resulting from their expeditious products.

The vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission, and vaccinated ‘folks’ may be unwittingly spreading the virus as their symptoms are reduced.

The virus is in danger of become vaccine resistant, resulting in regular injections of further pharmaceutical products, promoted as innocent sounding variant boosters.

Healthy people with no co-morbidities have an extremely high recovery rate from Covid-19, with a naturally gained stronger immunity providing broader and longer lasting protection.

I doubt you will have a change of heart, but please ask yourself this; if the vaccine is effective, why are unvaccinated people of any concern whatsoever?

Yours sincerely