Are Humans With Modified DNA Patentable?

From a Christian perspective, we are all created by God, and He alone has full ‘ownership’ of us as human-beings. However, man-made laws are tricky and can be used to manipulate people. Therefore, could the issue described below become a serious problem in the future?

A Hidden Legal Purpose of the Jabs

A comment by Ralph Prothero

The mRNA injections, allegedly vaccines against Covid, alter the DNA of people by “reverse transcription”. Once their DNA, their genome, is artificially altered those jabbed people become transgenic and transhuman, and in international law transhumans don’t have human rights. Also, artificially altered DNA is eligible for patent.

So the altered DNA of the jabbed transhumans becomes the patented property of the drug company’s owners, making those jabbed transhumans the property of the owners, without human rights.

In future decades those transhumans become slaves without human rights. After being reduced to starvation in the Great Reset, they accept slavery to avoid starvation. And the “vaccines” make this legally possible.

So is the purpose of the alleged “Covid vaccines” legal rather than medical?

I’ve looked at the Civilian Intelligence Network article, and in it the Knight Spirit lawyers think that people who’ve had the mRNA jabs are now patented property, or soon will be.

Vaccinated will be considered “Human Organisms”. The UN has already defined “Human Being” as having a “Human genome” and thus worthy of “Human Rights”.

Knight Spirit’s article has the following passage :

In a 2013 court case Pathology v Myriad Genetics lnc, in the US, the Supreme Court ruled that human DNA could not be patented because it was “a product of nature”. But at the end of the decision, the Supreme Court ruled that if a human genome is modified by mRNA vaccines (which are currently in use), then the genome can be patented.

This means that everyone who has received the vaccine is now technically “patented” and something that is patented is “proprietary” and will be included in the definition of “transhumans”. People who are legally identified as ‘transhuman’ do not have access to human rights or rights granted by the state. This is because they are not classified as 100% biological or human.

Therefore, technically, anyone with this vaccine would no longer have access to human rights. There have been some legal documents on this recently, so clarification should be available soon. (See also:

It looks like the hidden purpose of mRNA injections has been to provide the legal means to enslave the “jabbed” and their offspring. Hence the drive to vaccinate the entire population, including little children, even though only the elderly were supposed to be in danger. Hence the colossal Covid Terror propaganda, to scare people into vaccination centres to be jabbed.

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