Are Serious Vaccine Adverse Reactions ‘Extremely Rare’?

The BBC is promoting covid vaccines again for children and grown-ups for this coming autumn. In an article, the BBC claims that serious and adverse are ‘extremely rare’.

But numbers, facts and real stories tell us something else. There are millions of reported adverse reactions and tens of thousands of deaths in the UK and USA due to the covid injection. And that may only be a fraction of the real amount. See:


Visit these websites to read and listen to some of many adverse reactions:

UK CV Family – Covid Vaccine Injured

Our Story

We are British citizens who have been struggling since receiving a Covid-19 vaccine or booster. We live all over the UK, and come from all walks of life.

​We have been struggling to get medical, practical, emotional, and financial support for life-changing conditions that began shortly after vaccination.

​We are ignored by many healthcare professionals.
We are ignored by our government.
We are ignored by the mainstream media.
And we are censored by social media.

​But, we exist and we need to be heard.

​We find comfort, compassion, and a sense of community amongst ourselves. We understand that our condition is new and there are many unknowns — we are concerned that we are not being acknowledged. We believe that we should be investigated, not just to find treatments for ourselves, but also to prevent further harm to others.

We campaign for our condition to be recognised by the medical profession, all media, our politicians, and the general public; and we aim to be a voice for those that have not yet found theirs.

​We do not care about your political views. We do not care about your vaccination status or stance. If you need our support then we are here for you.

​And we ask the non-injured to be there for us.

Real Not Rare

About Us

“Our government asked us to do our part to stop the virus. We thought we were doing the right thing. Now we are injured, many severely. We are hurting, in pain, and losing our jobs. We are demanding our government do the right thing by acknowledging our injuries, as well as establish compensation for the tens of thousands who have been injured or have died.”​

We are a completely independent, grass-roots movement comprised of thousands of people who have become united through our human suffering. This is not political. We are NOT here to debate the vaccine program or masks. Many of us have lost loved ones to covid, and take it seriously. We simply need quality acknowledgment, quality healthcare, and compensation for the injured.​

​We rolled up our sleeves to do our part to stop the pandemic. Now we have been left out cold by the very same government who urged us to get our doses. This must change!