Are They All Connected? Live Debate – Net Zero, ULEZ, CBDC, The Great Reset

An intriguing event* in London on May 24th, about the agendas of the World Economic Forum – the WEF.

Since we have a new King and a new PM, both advocates of the WEF, this in itself legitimises public dialogue and debate about what the WEF actually wants to achieve in our society.

We hope that it will catch the imagination of many people – both those familiar with UN/WEF agendas and those coming to all this for the first time.

Already many people are very unhappy with things like 15-minute cities and ULEZ expansion, hence the name of the event: “Time to discuss: WEF, Net Zero, ULEZ, CBDC, The Great Reset – are they all connected? If so, what connects them?”.

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*Sponsored by a new, non-profit organisation, ACHES: Adult, Child, Health & Environmental Support.

Please note: this event is not organised by The White Rose UK.

Let’s Defeat ULEZ and the 15-Minutes Cities:

Another amazing presentation with Stan McDonald. This time he takes me through the legal steps to defeat the ULEZ scheme.


Stan’s YouTube:

Stan’s Email: smcdonal73 -at-

Bill of Rights:
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Act of Settlement 1700:
Union of England 1707:
The Great Seal Act 1688:
Claim of Right Act 1689:

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