At Least 1,784 Murdered by Covid Jab in the UK

UK Column has an integrated Yellow Card analysis overview interactive chart on their website.

It shows the number of reported adverse reactions and fatalities following the covid injection.

In the drop-down, you can select or enter a specific illness and product to get accurate data.

These reports show only 1-10% of all adverse reactions in the UK, as a large number go unreported. Many people are unaware of the Yellow Card reporting system or are not encouraged to report an adverse reaction.

  • Total adverse reactions reported: 1,270,990
  • Total fatalities reported:  1,784


Report run date: 11/11/202

View the chart here:

Israel admits that the vast majority of deceased are vaccinated people:

Aaron Siri, ICAN Lead Attorney Testimony Sen. Johnson Expert Panel on Federal Vaccine Mandates – Nov. 2, 2021:


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