Australia Is Now Under Occupation

Mike Robinson and Patrick Henningsen with Friday’s UK Column News.

00:26 – The Aukus Partnership

11:45 – Australia Is Now Under Occupation

20:33 – MSM Bought Off By the Government

23:08 – Corruption Behind Australian Zero Covid Policy

27:18 – MSM (BBC) Propaganda to Undermine Ivermectin

34:06 – Puzzled Pope’s Vaccine Confusion

35:24 – Propaganda To Push Vaccines On Children

40:40 – More Propaganda And Fake Statistics To Push The Pandemic Deception

43:51 – US State Start Legal Action Against Federal Government

47:00 – Changes To Travel Restrictions

49:08 – Energy Price Hike Excuses Ignore The Green New Deal Great Reset Elephant In the Room

01:05:24 – Mis/Disinformation Warriors

01:11:08 – MSM Attacks Telegram

01:13:14 – Cabinet Reshuffle

01:15:14 – Police Assist Eco Protestors Because They Are Promoting Government Policy

01:16:20 – Andrew Neil Got The Money Now He’s Off

01:18:00 – Caption Contest

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