Australia: Thousands Injured or Dead but only 324 Victims Paid by the Compensation Scheme

A constituent recently reached out to me, sharing their harrowing account of their experience with the Covid Vaccine Claim Scheme. Diagnosed with Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyneuropathy (CIDP) after their first AstraZeneca vaccine dose, this individual faces lifelong treatment and challenges.

After 11 months of collaboration with a lawyer, they submitted an extensive application, over 1000 pages, to Services Australia on March 2, 2023. Despite passing both initial and external medical reviews, and providing additional information three times, 455 days have passed without a resolution.

The promised quick and easy process has turned into a bureaucratic nightmare. Unable to work since September 2021 and without income since April 2022, the constituent’s financial situation is dire, relying on a rapidly depleting modest TPD superannuation payment.

On day 455, Services Australia provided no further updates or timelines, leaving the individual trying to cope with the additional harm that the claims scheme inflicts on them.

This is the same department that could find $600,000 for Bill Shorten’s speech writer but can’t actually help the people it forced injuries onto.

These people make me sick. (Senator Gerard Rennick/YT)

Those Responsible Must Face Justice:

Just a few days ago Kara was in Canberra to give us her testimony in our Excess Mortality inquiry.
The United Australia Party will keep pushing this issue until those responsible are held accountable. (Senator Babet/YT)