Australian Senator Urges Australian Government Not to Participate in Illegal Vote

By Senator Malcolm Roberts

At the end of May 2024, at the annual World Health Assembly, the World Health Organization (WHO) votes on amendments to the International Health Regulations (IHR). Supported by Australia, the United States’ proposal was for 80 pages of changes that would turn the WHO into the world health police — 80 pages!

The WHO proposed egregious powers, including the ability to mandate vaccinations, medical procedures, lockdowns, and border closures, and to detain individuals without due process. And yes, Australia really supported that. However, other nations are rightly now pushing back and as a result, the proposal has been watered down and the regulations are likely to remain advisory.

The WHO faces a dilemma: its constitution and its own IHR prohibit the vote. According to Schedule 2, Article 55 of the IHR, all matters subject to a vote must be circulated four months in advance. With literally only weeks remaining, a Department of Health Freedom of Information request (FOI No. 4941) reveals that the changes are still being worked out.

The requirement to provide advance notification to allow member nations time to debate and make decisions has not been met and CANNOT be met at this stage.

Additionally, Article 21 of the WHO’s constitution specifies that the regulations can only cover international measures. Their constitution does not provide for expanding IHR to cover our own Australian domestic health response, such as the closure of state borders.

The scheduled May 2024 vote is not only contrary to the WHO’s constitution, but also proposes a scope outside its constitution.

I urge the Australian Government not to participate in an illegal vote. Instead, it should use its influence to ask the WHO to complete the changes first and then provide all members the required four-month notice of an Extraordinary World Health Assembly, specifically for the purpose of debating and voting on these changes.

The rule of law must apply to everyone, including the World Health Organisation.

The best way to help fight this tyranny is to inform others of the truth which is often being covered up by the legacy media outlets. You can always check my website when you’re looking for the latest information on the WHO’s attempted power grab. I’ve been calling for Australia to withdraw from the United Nations and the WHO since my maiden speech in parliament in 2016 and will continue to do so.

As always, your support is much appreciated.

I will be monitoring developments in the WHO documents and continue to campaign for Australia to withdraw from the UN, including the WHO. (Originally published in Sen M Robers’ newsletter)

Many thanks for your support!

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