Austria – Government Suspends Compulsory Vaccination

By Alexander Tschugguel

Many times in the history of their country, Austrians have had to face seemingly insurmountable challenges. The victories over the Turks when they besieged Vienna (twice—in 1529 and in 1683), Andreas Hofer’s successes in the Tyrolean struggle for freedom and Fr. Petrus Pavlicek’s rosary crusade, which led to the withdrawal of Soviet troops, are just a few examples of Catholic Austria’s indomitable spirit of resistance.

To our great delight—and to the surprise of many—the dispute regarding the totalitarian corona measures of the Austrian government has clearly shown that this spirit of resistance is still very much alive!

Over the past year, more than 400,000 people took to the streets throughout Austria and offered peaceful resistance. The many demonstrations, the countless letters of protest and the consistent fight on the legal level shocked the political establishment. A particular thorn in the side of the mainstream left is the prominent role that devout Catholics are taking in this struggle. In more than 200 towns in Austria, the Faithful now gather every Wednesday to pray the rosary in public—explicitly to ask Our Lady, among other things, for an end to the dictatorial corona measures. Public rosary prayers attended by large crowds are also held before every large-scale rally.
Last week we were able to achieve our first big victory. The government has now announced that it will suspend compulsory vaccination. This is extremely important because people who are not vaccinated cannot now be punished. We thank God for this important victory!

The next step must now be to achieve a complete repeal of the compulsory vaccination law by the Constitutional Court. Please pray for this important cause!

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