Author: The White Rose UK

Shocking Video – The Disturbing Creation of the Fetal Cell Lines used by the Medical Industry

A new pro-life video follows the short lives of the babies aborted and experimented on to create the fetal cell lines used today in the medical industry. On July 2, pro-life organization CHOICE42 released their latest animated short video titled “It’s OK,” which details the origins of five different fetal cell lines and how they

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Vote for Andrew Bridgen MP – Long Interview

Resistance GB journalist Will Coleshill speaks in a special episode of The Resistance Podcast with Andrew Bridgen, MP for Northwest Leicestershire until the present election and now independent candidate. (Resistance GB/YT) “Starmer Said He Preferred Davos to Westminster”: Andrew Bridgen discusses Kier Starmer, The Uniparty and the push towards war. (Resistance GB/YT) Excess Deaths Debate

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July Magazine – Now Available!

The Freedom Magazine for July 2024 is now available. What is the Freedom Magazine? Insightful articles, entertaining columns and much more! Stuff you don’t get in the mainstream media – all printed on paper. Subscribe today for only £6/month. Subscribe online or Buy single issues Alternatively, order or subscribe by post and pay cash –

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