‘Banks Create Money Out of Thin Air’ – Mads Palsvig – International Covid Conference in Budapest

How to remove poverty and guarantee everyone on Earth a life in dignity with a fair chance of achieving his/her full potential.

The world is abundant. If anyone is poor, then it is by design. There are many ways where it is possible to both ensure more individual freedom and at the same time ensure that everyone is getting a life in dignity without worrying about where money is going to come for the next meal.

How is it possible to eradicate poverty? How is money created? Who gets to decide how much money is created, and who benefits from the money creation? What is the central banker’s job? Why are so few people aware of how money is created? Why do so many people believe in the dystopian Malthusian world view of inbuilt scarcity and that the world is one big zero-sum game? (Tamasi_József/Bitchute)

Stop Depopulation