BBC Alleges That Anti-Lockdowns Protestors Feed Extremism

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson and David Scott with Monday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

  • NHS Thank You Day Happened Apparently
  • Get That Vaccine Celebrity Extravaganza
  • Why We Must Question Vaccine Efficacy and Safety Claimes
  • Are Possible Vaccine Victims Being Accused of Mental Health Problems
  • UK Column Viewer Demonstrates That Action Conquers Fear
  • US Child Vaccine Reaction Testimony
  • ONS Statistics Reveals Huge Disparity In Reported Vaccine Reactions
  • No Jab No Job Or Not In The US?
  • Weekly Cause of Deaths In Scotland
  • People Divided
  • UK Column Featured In The Times
  • BBC Alleges That Anti-Lockdowns Protestors Feed Extremism
  • Next Freedom March?
  • Councils Unilaterally Decide To Vaccinate Children Then Back Down
  • GP Letter To Sir Simon Stevens
  • MHRA Changes Its Business Model
  • Queen Awards NHS The George Cross


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