Best Friend Killed By the Jab

This video is to honour the memory and to tell the story of my beloved friend Sue who died on 26th August 2021 as a result of the ‘vaccine’. Although the first jab (the experimental MRNA gene therapy Covid ‘vaccine’) made her very sick she still went ahead with the second one and suffered brutally for it – her body swiftly attacked itself before breaking down completely. Her symptoms were bizarre, horrendous and rapidly fatal. Although this isn’t an exciting video to watch I hope you’ll feel able to stick with it as the information is the important thing. I bear witness to the unnecessary agony and horrible death of a brilliant, kind, wise person who put her own doubts aside as she believed she was doing the right thing. A temporary lapse of reason and critical thinking – and a giving in to the relentless guilt-tripping pressure – cost Sue her life. Please share this if you can.