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The Big Bad Wolf and the Syringe: A Satirical Fairy Tale (for all ages)

When Henflu breaks out in Henton, Sly Fox and Big Bad Wolf come to the rescue… but can the hens of Henton trust the wolf’s ‘miracle cure’?

The Big Bad Wolf and the Syringe is a witty, satirical tale that hits the nail on the head regarding the events of recent years.

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Veronica Finch: Hope Amidst-a Tsunami of EvilHope Amidst a Tsunami of Evil – Exposing the Great Lies

What readers say…

“Just a few lines to say how much we appreciated ‘Hope Amidst a Tsunami of Evil’… The book provides:
(1) a concise delineation and indictment, all in one place, of the aims of those orchestrating the pandemic.
(2) the detailed agenda which was followed to achieve their aims.
(3) the deceit involved.

This is expanded by giving proof of the agenda through analysis of the steps taken.

The second part of the book gives personal observations and experiences of ordinary citizens through prose and poetry, in different parts of the world.

It would be too easy to forget the many deceptions deployed against an unsuspecting public, without the meticulous testimony which this volume represents!” (T & R B)

“Love the book… I hope people read it, share the information and get others to read it and ask questions… the book is a winner!” (R MI)

“Since receiving your wonderful new book, I began thinking how to share it with people who are still trapped under the evil ‘spell’ … A few days ago I approached the library, where they have been open-minded enough to accept a copy of the ‘Light’ paper from me for the past two months. They were pleased to accept ‘Hope in a Tsunami of Evil’, and listened with interest to a short explanation of the book’s theme and motivation. To me, this is indicative of a positive shift in perspective. ” (TB)

“… I simply can’t put it down. It’s packed with evidence. The covid pandemic was planned, and I recommend this book to everyone.” (JM)

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Who would have thought at the beginning of 2020 that ‘three weeks to flatten the curve’ would become more than two years—destroying both the economy and people’s health?

A group of billionaires, in cooperation with their globalist puppets and the mainstream media, planned just that. Masked as ‘covid rules’ they imposed restrictions on our freedom, introduced mandated vaccinations, and increased digital control. Now they are using ‘climate change’ and ‘net zero’ to continue their Machiavellian agenda.

As you read this book it will become clear that nothing can be labelled easily or dismissively as a ‘conspiracy theory’. Humanity is now experiencing conspiracies that have been in the planning for decades—or even longer. It is our duty to do everything we can to stop these plans, or else we will all be dragged into a dark abyss.

Hope Amidst a Tsunami of Evil contains hard evidence, essays, testimonies, letters, and reflections exposing the big lies of the past two years, and also delivers messages of hope for a brighter future.


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