British Heart Foundation Normalises Heart Failure in Young Athletes

The British Heart Foundation recently released this deranged advertisement showing a young female football (soccer for the Americans) player collapsing on the field. The commercial begins with a very young boy dressing with a visible scar vertically down his chest.

Sudden heart failure in children is not a normal occurrence — well, it wasn’t before this “safe and effective” vaccine became available. I have reported on numerous athletes, the pinnacle of physical health, simply dropping dead. The common denominator? They all received the vaccine!

Instead of asking for donations, the British Heart Foundation should look into the link between heart inflammation and mRNA vaccines if they truly care about patients.

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Look up: Why Are so Many Healthy Athletes Collapsing?

and: Covid Vaccination Is Mass Murder

Millions being injured by the drugs that are being injected into people around the world.
Now disturbing data from the UK shows Double and Triple vaxxed are dying from covid. (ExercisingFreedom/Brighteon)