British Member of Parliament Reveals All – ‘It Was a Pure Pantomime’

Andrew Bridgen MP in an interview with CHD:

British parliament member and insider tells all today — how he spoke up against mandates, lockdowns, mask science and experimental therapies and the response that ensued.
He opposed the ‘Plan B’ set of covid regulations that the government planned to implement on the public.
Hear as he exposes the hypocrisy that has taken place within these governmental bodies, calling it “a pure pantomime.”  (Good Morning CHD/RoseArcana/Bitchute)

Andrew Bridgen also talks about the vaccine damage in the UK and around the world, how he was suspended for no good reason, how the WHO has planned to take away our sovereignty, censorship, and more. The MP is also in contact with other high-profile individuals who are uncovering the truth and bringing down the construct of lies. “I am not suicidal”, he confirms after receiving a dodgy phone call trying to corner him.

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Photo credit: R M McIntosh