Can We Ever Trust Our Government Again? Watch: Boris Scraps ‘Plan B’ Including Covid Passports

Boris Johnson cancels Plan B Covid restrictions—Watch in full (GBNews/YT)

How dangerous are boosters? View what doctors, professors, scientist and experts warn about the covid vaccines here:

How can Boris still recommend the covid jab? See more people suffering adverse reactions or dropping dead after receiving the shot:

Senior Tory alleges Boris Johnson’s allies are ‘blackmailing’ MPs. In a Tory Civil War, MP William Wragg accuses Government of ‘blackmailing’ while Boris Johnson rebels.

A senior Conservative MP has alleged that government ministers, whips and advisers have attempted to blackmail colleagues they suspect might oppose Boris Johnson, saying this could potentially be a police matter. (Manchester Evening News/YT)
Original title: Opponents of Boris Johnson are facing ‘blackmail’, senior Tory warns

A bit of humour to show the ‘seriousness’ of the moronic omicron (original video title ‘: Unvaccinated Man Feeling Left Out As All His Vaccinated Friends Have covid – The Babylon Bee/YT)

Film scene: Cromwell dissolves Parliament

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