Can We Trust The Government To Investigate Itself?

Brian Gerrish, Mike Robinson, David Scott and Katy Jo Murfin with Monday’s UK Column News.

Topics in this video:

00:28 – Exploiting Child Abuse To Sell Online Safety

08:40 – The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill

17:30 – Child Abuse Isn’t Punished When It Is Discovered

19:09 – Can We Trust The Government To Investigate Itself?

23:31 – Djokovic: The Obvious Question Never Asked

25:37 – The 100 Days Mission

28:21 – Official Models vs Reality – Always False and Always Exaggerated

33:29 – No Demand For Booster Jabs

36:42 – Canadian Health Agency Spy On their Population Secretly

38:37 – How Might We Rationally Manage The Alleged Pandemic

40:27 – Musical response To Fauci

43:21 – Why Do COVID Deaths Correlate To Vaccine Rollouts

46:11 – The Davos Agenda

47:43 – The 2019 Repo Market Disaster

50:27 – Are “Unwell” Doctors in Cornwall Working In Vaccine Clinics?

51:35 – Katy Jo Questioning Vaccines

59:24 – MHRA Dodge A Perfectly Reasonable Question And Do Nothing At All

01:10:54 – MSM Steps Up Anti-Russian Propaganda

01:22:19 – Just Call Me Tony

Brian Gerrish and Mike Robinson with Friday’s UK Column News.
Topics in this video:

00:24 – Cognitive Obfuscation

13:05 – Focusing Boosters On Young People Amid Weird Government Statistical Claims

21:02 – GMB Attack Consultant Anesthetists For Defending His Own Rights

3:36 – The MHRA Dodge A Simple Question Using Spurious Reasoning

38:40 – MSM Have Barely Started To Catch Up With UK Column

42:10 – Questions For Sue Gray’s Investigation of Party-Gate

46:16 – David Noakes Fundraiser: –

47:05 – UK Column Viewer Highlights Mandatory Jabs For The Military

49:21 – Fear Isn’t Just A Propaganda Tactic Reserved For Covid

56:52 – NATO Russia Dialogue 

01:00:57 – Virgin Space Launch

01:04:48 – BBC Uncomfortable About Their Ties To Paedophiles

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