Canadian Covid Care Alliance: ‘The Inoculations Should Be Withdrawn Immediately!’

The Canadian Covid Care Alliance has published a document entitled The Pfizer Inoculations for Covid-19: More Harm than Good.

The alliance consists of over 500 independent Canadian doctors, scientists, and health care practitioners, and is committed to providing quality, balanced, evidence-based information to the Canadian public about covid-19 so that hospitalizations can be reduced, lives saved, and the country safely restored to normal as quickly as possible.

The document contains the following:

Hierarchy of evidence
Pfizer’s 2-month data report, Dec 31 2020
• ARR vs RRR explained – VIDEO
• Early unblinding of Pfizer’s randomized control trial
Pfizer’s 6 month data report, Sep 15 2021
• Increased risk of illness
• Increased risk of death

The Pfizer Trials – What went wrong
• Pfizer did not follow established protocols
• Misleading demographics – Wrong age
• Misleading demographics – Tested on healthy, given to sick
• Inadequate control groups
• Did not track biomarkers
• Wrong clinical endpoints
• Not tested for spread reduction
• Subjective testing
• Missing data – Lost to follow up and suspected, but unconfirmed
• Failure to test – Why it matters
• 12 – 15 trial – All risk, no benefit
• 12 – 15 trial – Failure to report serious adverse events
• 5 – 11 year olds – Risking their health
• Myocarditis is serious
• The FDA abandons “First, do no harm”
• 5 – 11 year olds – No informed consent
• The BMJ Pfizer trial whistleblower article

A critical eye on the Sep 15 2020 report
• 6 month data manipulation – Mixed cohorts
• The Pfizer trials did not prove safety – they proved harm

How this is playing out in the real world
• Roll out surveillance – You don’t find what you don’t look for
• Rising incidents of heart issues in young people (Ontario Public Health Report)
• This is not normal – High incidences of deaths in athletes (German, Israeli news articles)
• This is supposed to be rare – VIDEO of athletes collapsing
• Pfizer’s post marketing pharmacovigilance report

Considerable evidence of conflict of interest
• Pfizer is making billions
• The public record of Pfizer’s corporate culture
• Links to articles on Pfizer’s past behaviour
• Conflicts of interest among Pfizer report authors
• The CDC has redefined “vaccine”
• The media has been captured – VIDEO

This is no way to manage a supplier
The inoculations should be withdrawn immediately
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Download the full document here: Pfizer Inoculaton: More Harm Than Good

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