Canadian Pastor Jailed for Defying Covid Rules Now Has Church Shut By Health Authorities

Health authorities in the Canadian province of Alberta forcibly closed the doors to a Christian church that remained open contrary to local covid-19 health rules.

On June 5, Fairview Baptist Church, located in Calgary, said in a Facebook post, “Early this morning, AHS (Alberta Health Services) seized our church building by changing the locks to prevent us from entering the premises.”

The post continued, “They can take the building, but they cannot take the church.

“In the same week where our most senior government officials were photographed flouting health orders, AHS continues to try and force us to comply to orders that violate the commands of our Lord and undermine the fundamental freedoms afforded to all Canadians.

“Fines, injunctions, imprisonments, and seizure of property will only demonstrate the folly of their actions and bring glory to Christ. Please pray that this would only serve the advance of the gospel, the salvation of souls, and the strengthening of disciples of Christ.”

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