The Change Starts Inside Each of Us

By Margaret Anna Alice This is the third and penultimate instalment of my conversation with Meredith Miller. We talk about the victim mindset; communism/political correctness/Wokeism/social justice/critical race theory; willpower; Stoicism; vulnerability; Dialectical Behavior Therapy; euthanasia and MAiD; parenting; education vs. indoctrination; grit; thanatology; and Meredith’s near-death and out-of-body experiences. (Excerpt from a lengthy article first

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Some People Have Discovered Something Terrifying About the Climate

By Jenna McCarthy A team of laypersons announced today that the earth’s climate is not completely static. That’s right. While many people have long thought that atmospheric conditions remain unchanged day after day and year after year, despite their own observations and experiences and access to the internet and the Encyclopedia Britannica before that, explosive

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