Save the Historic Counties

By Pam Moorhouse, Founder, Pam’s County Petition, official petition of the British Counties Campaign Do you realise that all of Britain’s present-day counties are government-created, and not inherited from our ancestors, despite the implications? Up to 1974 all the counties in England, Scotland, and Wales were inherited from our early ancestors, the ancient names, some

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The Farmers Tale

By Ray Wilson It’s warming up, and we are lucky with the weather, and the motorcycle combination is lapping up the miles. Our breakfast stop is on the old “missing link” section of the iconic A30 on our run to the sun. We stop at “Max’s” snack emporium, where the emphasis is on proper food.

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Feet on the Ground

By Ray Wilson It’s been the warmest day of the year so far. I am walking the dog in the Ashdown Forest, in an area where King Henry the Eighth used to run amok, slaying deer, drinking, and wenching. “How’s Hegarty?” I say. “He’s so much better,” she says. I don’t know her name, but

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