Granny’s Legacy

A short story by Deniz Benim Lucy steps through the mirror leaving behind the world that was 2000 years into the future. She is glad to be back. She takes in the details that is her mundane room. The unmade bed. The jacket strewn across the chair that she’d wished she’d taken while she was

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I Don’t Enjoy Being a Part of this Experiment in Compulsory, Pseudo-Compassionate Patriotism

Written by Tom Penn To what extent do you feel your Government values human life? If the stringent social-controls implemented throughout this protracted ban-demic are anything to go by – collective dismissal of their collateral damage aside – then you might be forgiven for thinking that we inhabit one of the most altruistic nations on

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The Freedom Book Now Available

Our Freedom Book is now available! The anthology contains over 50 poems, short stories and essays from 36 authors of various backgrounds. Some reactions to the book: I had a lot of fun writing, and I’ve really enjoyed reading through the different poems and stories this weekend. (S.G.) …an excellent read with lots of great

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